4 On the Spring List..

[Top Row - Bomber Jacket: Olive | Bunny Shoes: Minna Parikka at ASOS //
Bottom Row - Blouse: ASOS | Block Heels: Mulberry]

So it may come as no surprise to you, if you read my blog, that I spend a bit too much money on clothes and shoes. I'm not at all a bit spender on Makeup, on of each item does me fine. But with clothes, I'm constantly want and buying clothes, with the instant though of 'how cam I style this for a blog post?'.. I'm not the only one surely?! haha! Anyway, these are my top four items I seriously crave in my wardrobe, let the saving commence.

Pink Bomber Jacket at Olive: This is seriously needed in my wardrobe, bombers seem to have officially made a comeback and I can't believe I haven't hopped on this hype yet. I first saw this jacket on Instagram and fell in love with it, its been out of stock for quite a while and has only just come back in, ~may~ have to snap it up soon before I disappears again!

Minna Parikka Bunny Trainers at ASOS: Now these are just the best things I've ever seen. Ok, yes they may not be to everyone's taste but I bloody love them. The pompom on the back just adds to the cuteness. I don't own a proper pair of 'dressy' trainers, only running/old one to do menial things like popping to the shop or putting the bin out. These would be more casual ones but ones to wear out shopping.. oh just look at them!

Lace Panel Top at ASOS: I first saw this on Lydia Elise Millen in one of her YouTube videos and instantly thought I've got to have that blouse' It looks so flattering and girly, Its actually the cheapest item out of the four here at £35 so pretty standard for blouse. This is quickly going to be in my wardrobe I reckon!

Marylebone Mary-Jane Pumps at Mulberry: Ok so I've only just bought a pair of designer shoes, so these are low on my priority list at present, but that doesn't stop me from lusting after them. I think I go to look at them at least once a day. They're so beautiful and don't look too uncomfortable. They do seem appropriate for Autumn rather then summer, so if they are still available in a few months time, I may just have to invest.



  1. I love the blouse from asos. Its so pretty and elegant x


  2. Oh my gosh love the ASOS top so much! And the shoes - serious heart-eye right now haha - love a bit of Mulberry! xxx


    1. Everything here is so beautiful, you're right, can't beat a bit of Mulberry!! xxx