BEAUTY: L'Oreal Cushion Foundation


~ L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation~

In a previous post I mentioned how I'm never typically the girl who falls for a hype, well, not this time - my intrigue has definitely got the better of me and I couldn't help buying into the new craze in the beauty industry - cushion foundation. If I'm honest probably around a year ago I watched a Lisa Eldridge video and saw her test one of these, after a trip to South Korea if I remember correctly. Well following on from that, the UK seem to have followed suit and launched this for themselves (well, L'Oreal obvs isn't British but you catch my drift)
I picked up 01 Porcelain, taking a bit of a shot in the dark, because we all know what shop lighting is like, well turns out the colour match is pretty good to be fair! - I usually am the lightest, so it wasn't too hard distinguishing the correct shade.
In terms of the foundation itself *here's a beauty novice's opinion* its so much tidier to apply, I have been using the sponge that comes with it and patting it onto the skin, really makes for an even coverage. If I'm right, I'd say its kind of a medium coverage, and in the three days I've been trying it, I'd say it stays on pretty well!

To be honest, I'm never really a foundation wearer, only ever wearing it for fancy occasions, mainly due to the fact I don't like the cakey-feeling. With this, it does feel quite light on the skin - I still don't think I'll be switching to a daily-foundation-wearer, but this really won't be another foundation I push to the back of the cupboard!

*unfortunately I'm 90% sure this isn't a cruelty-free product, curiosity did get the better of me this time, but I still stand by not investing large sums of my money in products that aren't creulty-free!* 



  1. This is such a weird concept but it somehow has taken the beauty world by storm? I need to try it out

    Parie x

    1. I know right?! - its so strange but somehow works really well! x

  2. Photography on point girl!! I'm kind of reluctant to try this because loads of people have said it better for dry skin and since mine is really oily I'm not sure it would do me many favours! But then again, everyone seems to love it so I'm kind of torn - maybe I should give it a go!? Xxx

    1. Thank you!! :D xxx

      - I don't have oily skin so would have no idea how well it would works, I'd say just give it a go anyway, its only £10 hahaha it may work well with your skin, it may not!

  3. You're blog is so pretty!

    Emily xo