Fashion Targets Breast Cancer


I think whether you're a blogger or not, we can all be guilty of spending too much money on clothes. Whether its buying a new blouse for a weekend away or just wanting to spruce up your wardrobe, its done by most. I'm one of these people, retail therapy is one of my favourite sports and is something I think I'm a ~little~ too good at. BUT, sometimes, there can be good in my spending - my recent Topshop purchase has actually more good than bad (so my bank balance can forgive me for this one!) As I bought into the charity campaign Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.

It is a charity created by Ralph Lauren in 1996, who suffered the loss of a close friend to cancer. If I'm honest, its not a charity I've know a lot about, but after scrolling through the Topshop website and discovering the line, I thought what better then to spend on a genuinely well made piece of clothing and have 30% of the proceeds go towards breast cancer.

I bought the white body suit with the logo in pink on the front. Its both incredible comfortable and very fashion forward - well really, it is Ralph Lauren behind this!
At the end of the day, if its good enough for Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson et al. its good enough for me - here's my good deed of the day, done!



  1. It looks so lovely on you! I might have to have a look at the range xx

  2. Ooh I think we're all guilty of spending too much, but you can't really complain if it goes to charity?! Right?! Also your hair looks sooo blonde in this post, I love it :) xxx

    1. Exactly, this body suit was only £19 so wasn't too expensive, but yano its nice to think some of that money went to a good cause! - My hair does actually look really blonde haha, must just be the lighting because I haven't dyed it for a while, thank you! xxx