Like Alexa

[Blouse & Trousers: Archive by Alexa at Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Valentino]
I'm always a bit hesitant to jump on any bandwagon. Whether its the everlasting love for MAC cosmetics, the Oskia gel that's every one's favourite or this whole 'strobbing' thing - I just never fall for a hype. Don't get me wrong, often curiosity does kill that cat and I do step foot on the wagon - Rimmel 107, anyone? - Besides this, there has been one trend in the airwaves recently that has got me exited, a collaboration between the kings of the meals-for-two and the, well, would the-most-stylish-women-out-there be too much of a boast? - the #ArchivebyAlexa range for Marks & Spencer is what I'm talking about. A collection designed through the influence of the archives of Marks & Spencer.
I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about the range at first glance. I kind of thought, 'oh, is this really it?' But once you actually look into the range properly, there are some real timeless pieces (oh look at me, sounding like I know what I'm on about #watchoutannawintour)
I eventually bought the 'Harry' Blouse in the light pink and the 'Lydia' trousers in a black and white gingham pattern. Both items are made with high quality material, to be honest I would never expect M&S to sell anything other. 
I agree, that the style of blouse is not to everyone's taste, it certainly took me a couple of times of looking at it to finally fall in love, but now I have it in my wardrobe, I think its beautiful.
Can Alexa Chung really do anything wrong? Well she hasn't really faltered yet as far as I'm aware...!


  1. Love love love the trousers! So classy and sophisticated! And of course the Valentino's making an appearance I see ;) xxx

    1. Aaaah thank you! - oh of course they had to make an appearance hahaha xxx