NAILSINC NailKale Superfood Base Coat // Saving My Nails.

Aaaaah my nails, they have been through a lot. Once they used to grow and grow and I'd have the strongest of nails, they'd look amazing and I would look at them with pride. Then, THEN, I started working, working in a pub as a waitress and the endless Saturdays of cleaning tables and sweating my sweet ass off resulted in limp, bending and just generally crap nails. Like I said, they've been through a lot.

Right, cutting out the dramatics, this is genuinely my nail care story so far. They honestly used to be so strong and white, but then working happened and they've never quite recovered. As I worked as a waitress solidly every weekend (and all week during holidays) the endless washing tables, dipping my hands in water has just ruined my nails. Although, since summer ended last year, I hardly ever work in the pub anymore, so in theory my nails should have slightly recovered. But not quite, they still are yet to returned to the nails  post 14 year old Lisa had, although this little crafty creation by NailInc may just being helping my nails on the road to recovery..

Whilst I was in Cardiff in March, my friend and me wandered into House of Fraser and passed the Nailsinc counter. Long story short, they gave use free hand massages and demoed the Base Coat, and me being me, hates saying no so I bought it. But if I'm completely honest its the best Base Coat I've yet to buy. I've been using it a solid month and a half and its starting to really restore my nails. I wear it either alone or under my nail polish and it really seems to be hydrating the nail bed. My nails are obviously far from being the claws I once owned, but I've started to notice the white returning to my nails with them being a lot less see-through. I hope as I continue to use this more and more my nails will return back to strength, because there is nothing worse, personally, then having short and limp nails, nothing worse.



  1. I'm definitely guilty of not using a base coat, but I probably should because my nails are so bad right now. I completely agree with you! Working in retail has DESTROYED my nails, like seriously they grow a centimetre and then snap -_- Can't wait to quit my job so my nails look cute again haha xxx

  2. Seriously working as a waitress actually ruined them, My nails used to be so long and nice *CRIES*