Talking a Little TMI..

After being tagged by the ever so amazing Lily to do the TMI tag a few weeks ago I thought, why the hell not - So here are a few As to your Qs about yours truly.. eeeenjoy!
 1 - What are you wearing?
Currently I'm wearing my dressing gown over jeans and a top I wore today  - I seriously live in my dressing gown
2 - Ever been in love?
HAHA no, I've never been really in a serious relationship, love in that sense - no.
3 - Ever had a terrible breakup?
4 - How tall are you?
I think i'm around 5ft 8, so quite tall, I actually like been tall, its just a pain in the arse shopping for jeans that are long enough!!
5 - How much do you weigh?
I think I'm around 9st, well I was the last time I checked. I never really obsess or think too much about how much I weigh because that's never healthy, is it?!
6 - Any tattoos?
Not at the moment, but when I'm 21 I have it in my head, I'd love this on my side - I'll probably never actually get a tattoo because i'm one of those people who will regret it as soon as I get it!
7 - Any piercings?
YES! - I have my first and second holes pierced on my ear lobes, my right tragus and the top of my left ear/cartilage
8 - OTP?
To be honest, I don't watch enough tv to have an otp, so I'll just gracefully move passed this one!
9 - Favourite show? 
Honestly, Friends and Only Fools and Horses are on a constant loop in my house, even to the point were I can repeat quotes back as they're on haha 'I GOT OFF THE PLANE.. YOU GOT OFF THE PLANE'
10 - Favourite band?
Ok so I have a very opposite ends of the spectrum musical taste, it really depends what mood I'm in, for example if I just want to sing loudly to music I know all the words to then The Spice Girls or One Direction (All the cheesy music) but if I'm in an angry mood, then there's nothing better than Royal Blood.
11 - Something you miss?
My Granddad who died two and half years ago, it'd literally do anything to have him back in my life.. ok I'll not say anymore or I'll be in literal tears.
12 - Favourite song?
I have so many but usually my favourite songs are the ones which have a memory attached, for example 'Sing' by Ed Sheeran is definitely up there because all I think about is being in V Festival in 2014 with my best friend, absolutely SCREAMING it to each other because we loved it so much at the time (we can rap the middle part to absolute perfection!) - so that song's definitely one of my favourites
13 - How old are you?
I am 19 years old - 20 on the 18th of September :)
14 - Zodiac sign?
Virgo - I don't believe in all the star sign bullshit haha
15 - Quality you look for in a partner?
Tallness and Niceness - I'm quite tall so I can't really have anyone smaller, I know its really horrible to judge off height, but its just a fact of life.
16 - Favourite quote?
'Rudeness is a weak persons imitation of strength'
17 - Favourite actor?
Probably Tom Hiddleston, did you SEE him in The Night Manager?!?!
18 - Favourite colour?
Probably baby/light blue and pink
19 - Loud music or soft?
Completely depends what mood I'm in!
20 - Where do you go when you're sad?
I'm quite a happy person, but obviously sadness is a human emotion, but generally I put my dressing gown on, cuddle my teddy (lol I swear I'm 19 not 9) and just lie on the sofa, in the living room.
21 - How long does it take you to shower?
15- 20 minutes - rarely is it less then that
22 - How long does it take you to get ready?
For work, usually about 20-30minutes, on weekends when I'm doing stuff, I usually take my time so I really can depend.
23 - Ever been in a physical fight?
HAHA no, that'd be my worst nightmare, because I'd probably cry and apologies a thousand times even if it were the others fault. I can just about cope with having heated debates.
24 - Turn on
Someone who is just genuinely a nice person and is humble.
25 - Turn off
Cockiness and people who just have no respect for themselves or others around.
26 - The reason I started blogging?
I think it was because I started following What Olivia Did on Instagram and was introduced to the world of blogging and soon learnt how amazing/ creative it looked!
27 - Fear?
Death/ Snakes/ Injections/ Running out of coffee for my coffee machine
28 - Last thing that made me cry?
Ok, If I'm honest, it was reading an article about Leicester City winning the Premier League LOL, I do love watching/ following sport, but wouldn't say I'm a massive supporter of football - but I kind of dip in and out because my mums a massive fan of Man Utd. But, yeah I cried because its being described as the Fairytale Season and a Miracle in Football - things like that just make me instantly tear up.. you should have seen how many times I cried during the Olympics HAHA
29 - Last time you said you loved someone?
To my mum then because she just rang me to say she's gone shopping to Asda, 'Ok traaa, love you, traa'
30 - Meaning behind your blogging name?
Ok get ready for this, its very inventive. Blog - because its a blog (duh) and Eighteen because my favourite number is eighteen (me and my mum both have our birthdays on the 18th and my Nain lives at number 18) - my blog names so crap I'm starting to like it because its so shit.
31 - Last book you read?
Wildflower by Drew Barrymore
32 - The book you're currently reading?
I'm about to start 'All The Bright Places' by Jennifer Niven
33 - Last show you watched?
The Real Housewives of Cheshire - oh, I do love the trashy tv!
34 - Last person you texted?
My mum - because she texted as well as phoned to say she's has gone to Asda shopping, oh how cool am I?!
35 - The Relationship Between You & The Last Person you Texted?
My Mum
36 - Favourite Food?
Chicken korma/ honey roasted spicy chicken, garlic rice and a garlic and cheese naan from my local Indian OH MA GAD.
37 - Places you want to visit?
New York, LA, Germany and Paris.. to name a few!
38 - Last place you were?
At work, you know the Dolly Parton song 'working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living..' That is literally me haha
39 - Do you have a crush?
I truthfully do not, I don't see enough people my age to be able to even have a chance to have a crash lol
40 - Last time you kissed someone?
I really am not that type of girl, not by a looong shot
41 - Last Time You Were Insulted?
Probably someone on the phone in work, after I told them that we have a 2 week waiting list before one of our engineers can come out and look at their double glazing repairs.. lol, my life.
42 - Favourite Flavour of Sweet?
I'm more of a savoury girl, I can honestly take it or leave it with sweet things
43 - What Instruments Do You Play?
I don't! - but I did do Grade 1 Piano when I was about 11.. I failed grade 2 haha
44 - Favourite Piece of Jewellery?
My watch, I'd really be lost without a watch!
45 - Last Sport You Played?
Does going on the running machine count? - if so then a few days ago when I ran for about 15 minutes.
46 - Last Song You Sang? 
I'm going through a bit of a Lily Allen faze at the moment, so probably LDN (btw, has anyone re-listened to Lily Allen since her hay day, how did I not realise how dirty her lyrics are?! - hilarious)
47 - Favourite Chat Up Line?
Haha, do people still even use chat up lines? - I'll tell you the worst one, I remember on one of my RARE nights out last year, about 4 boys came up to me all asking 'if I had Snapchat' hahaha what kind of opening line is that 'YES I DO, BUT PLEASE JUST F OFF'
48 - Have You Ever Used It?
Please, if any boys read this - using the line 'hey, do you have snapchat' will definitely not impress any girl, seriously mate, seriously.
49 - Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone?
I haven't seen any of my friends for about a fortnight, but I've planned to see my best friend on Saturday so all is well in the world.
50 - Who Should Answer These Questions Next?
I really do not mind - if you like the look of this tag, go ahead and answer away :)


  1. Ahhh so happy you did this! (lol I'm so nosy haha) It's so funny how similar we are! And YESSS Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager was just perfection! He was on Radio 1 the other morning and I just about crashed my car with excitement. (Not really, but seriously though hahaha) Also I really want a tragus piercing but I'm kinda too scared lol. I have my cartilage pierced so would you say it was a lot worse than that? xxx

    1. Hahaha Tom Hiddleston was a straight 10/10 in that, wow! To be honest, I got my tragus done about 6 years ago so I can't remember it hurting too much, probably as much as my cartilage! - I love my tragus piercing but its an absolute nightmare to take out/ put back in, so so fiddly! xxx

  2. This was so interesting to read, great post xx