The Book List #5 | Wildflower

 The latest book on my 'read' list so far this year is Wildflower by Drew Barrymore, a book full of short stories from every aspect of her life. She talks about her time filming E.T. to growing up in Los Angeles to having two daughters and everything else in between. I honestly found it such a light and cheerful book to read because her style of writing is very honest, with short chapters as well, meaning the stories are fresh and don't become stagnant or dragged on for too long. Its an auto-biography but in a very personal way, as its not a 'I became an actress and then it was happy ever after' its so much more. These are true stories about people she loves the most, chapters dedicated to her close friends and open letters to her two daughters Olive and Frankie. The stand out for me the Chapter 'Africa', telling us about her opening a learning centre for the children of Kenya, its so inspiring and shows she has used her fame for good use.

Overall, I would genuinely give this book a 9/10, due to the length being just enough for what she was portraying. Each chapter wasn't too long and her writing style had lots of humour and was very honest. A recommendation if you would like a light read, a book to pick up and put down whenever.


  1. I don't really read a lot of non fiction, but sometimes (especially in summer) I think it's a nice alternative! Might have to consider this for my summer vacation read! Xxx

    1. I'd say this is definitely an airy/summer read, nothing too challenging! xxx