[Maxi Dress: Primark | Hat: H&M]

Just a quick post today (www on a Sunday, that's not in the routine) to say its going to go a little quiet around these parts for a little while. I'm jetting off on holiday in the early hours so I thought, before I go, I show you what I'll be wearing to travel in.
Of course, as I'm going on holiday I obviously have dressed like I'm attending a funeral.. doh Lisa. This is all unintentional, I actually hadn't realised until I've looked back at these pictures haha, oh well, I've decided to wear this black maxi dress from Primark. It's made in the comfy t-shirt material that maxi dresses often are and will honestly feel so nice sitting down in for a long period of time.
The hat.. well the hat is for decorative purposes in these pictures, but don't get me wrong, it doesn't leave my head once the sun hits. It's like the most dramatic hat ever, but I feel fab and my scalp doesn't burn HAHA IDEAL!

Anyway, I apologies if there is anyone out there who cares, but there won't be a blog post up until next week.. oh I can here you all crying already hahaha adios amigas.

The First Few Days of.. Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Over course its no lie I'm an over spender and my latest purchase right here is no exception - the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I've heard endless good things about this product and although quite pricey at £70, I thought I'd take the plunge and pray to god above it works, literally, like magic.
Like the title suggests, I'm going to talking about how I feel after using it for a few days, I can't comment if its changed my skin in any way or if it has actually worked magically, but I can comment my impressions so far.
To begin with, its quite a thick moisturiser in the sense that a little goes a long way, I did find myself putting on too much the first couple of times and then I found myself really having to rub it in. But to be honest, once it is rubbed in it really doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all. I usually use it now, in the evenings and if say, I've put it on at 8.30pm after being for a shower, by the time I go to bed at around 10pm, its sunk in and my skin really does feel softer.  It doesn't sit uncomfortably, I have found with same thick moisturisers, 2 hours later I can still feel I thick on my skin, but with this it really sinks in and really feels like its actually doing something.

With me not needing a lot to cover my face, I really do feel (and hope) it will last a long time as the pot does offer a generous helping. The packaging it comes in is literally breath taking too, ok I know that's a little dramatic, but genuinely, the rose gold/copper coloured lid is so luxurious with the pot itself being glass - its such a sight for the eyes!
I have watched a video on Charlotte herself talking about the cream, saying she made a version of this years ago and would use it on models such as Kate Moss, they would then always ask for her to use her 'magic' moisturiser - his really does tempt the saying 'if its good enough for them..'
Like I said, I cannot comment on how well its doing to my skin, I can only really give an honest review once I've (tragically) finished the post, which for the record I hope is in the not-so-foreseeable future. For the time being I'll continue to apply this regularly and hope that that Tilbury Magic gives me eternal youth... well it does say its magic on the pot, doesn't it?!

Good Citizen Points

 Before I start I have to say I feel a kind of a bit like I'm boosting with this post, yano the whole 'look at me I did charity work, give me the crown jewels and an OBE' - well, I can honestly say this is not what its about, I simply wanted to write about how much fun I had and keep it on this blog as a little memory for the future!
On Saturday I went to a village not too far from where I live and helped out with a local charity called 'Awyr Las' welsh for 'Blue Sky' - its a cancer charity which helps fund better healthcare in North Wales. As my mum works on the cancer ward in our local hospital, she works closely with the people who run this charity, so when she mentioned that an event was being held and they needed volunteers, I thought it would be a great thing to do.
As my granddad died of cancer a few years back, I really felt it would be so rewarding helping out and even though I only gave out lanyards and water bottled, and gave directions, its the little things that help.

Six of Sixteen So Far

Before you start rolling your eyes at me, yes I too am one of those people that has uttered the phrase 'Its June already, where has this year gone?!?!' - Come one, I thing everyone is a bit scared at the fact we already half way through the year when it only feels like yesterday we were watching the fireworks off the London Eye on TV.
Well since we have reached the six month mark, I thought I do a sort of six month review of how my year has gone. I've been saying this is officially the first year of my life were my life runs from a January to a December, with school it always seemed to be September to August, so this is a year of a little drastic change. Anyway, if this was a TV show, this would be my highlights reel of all the best happenings so far in 2016.. just without the music haha.


 [Jumpsuit: F & F | Sunglasses: River Island (similar) | Wedges: Next (similar)]

So this is a bit of an impromptu outfit post because originally I was going to take a little break from blogging, because a combination of having five thousand other things to do and not having a single thing in my wardrobe I liked, made me just want to take a breather. But sometimes one little thing can spur you on and suddenly you feel great again. Well, as sad as this sounds, this jumpsuit single-handily made feel great and I couldn't wait to blog about it hahaha, yep my life people..
As it is still currently thirty thousand degrees here in Wales (believe me its never this sunny is Wales, so I have no idea how to acclimatise to the weather!)
My mum originally bought this jumpsuit end of last week and said it 'didn't look right on' so naturally I tried it on. Turns out it fitted me quite well and just had to keep it, so all through Sunday I wore it and felt fab. The handy thing is, this will be a great outfit for my holiday at the end of the month, its light and airy and doesn't show too much flesh to feel uncomfortable. I find because of my height, jumpsuits can never be long enough, meaning I either have my bum on show or a very severe wedgie, #tallpersonproblems
Sometimes people (including myself oops) can turn their noses at people buying clothes from places like Asda or Tesco, well this F & F of Tesco playsuit would not look out of place being sold of ASOS. With it being only £16 too, you literally cannot go wrong.. here's to another evening outfit planned for Ibiza, omg I'm so exited for my holiday now!


Sun, Sun, Sun All Over Our Faces

 So lets rewind back to Monday, were I was graced with the luxury of a day off.. aah bank holidays you are the best. Currently in the UK we are having a mini (mini) heat wave and my god its bloody lovely. As it was so lovely on Monday me and my bestie decided it was too nice to stay in, all boring, so we went for a coffee (obviously) and went for a really long walk around a local small town. It was such a lovely day, we basically walked, sat on a wall near the sea and chatted for hours, these are the best days!
Unfortunately I didn't realise how hot it really was and ended up with one hell of a sunburnt left arm (lol just my left one) because when we were sat on a wall chatting, the sun was to the side of us.. doh Lisa.. so out came the Aloe Vera as soon I got in.
In terms of my outfit, I obviously gave my #ArchivebyAlexa trousers another spin, they are just too comfy, seriously! - also I wore my Zara blouse I purchased a few weeks ago, its made one or two appearances all ready on this blog, so no introductions needed.  
 Here's to hoping this glorious weather sticks around longer, I needed more days like this, being stuck inside shivering isn't half as fun!