[Maxi Dress: Primark | Hat: H&M]

Just a quick post today (www on a Sunday, that's not in the routine) to say its going to go a little quiet around these parts for a little while. I'm jetting off on holiday in the early hours so I thought, before I go, I show you what I'll be wearing to travel in.
Of course, as I'm going on holiday I obviously have dressed like I'm attending a funeral.. doh Lisa. This is all unintentional, I actually hadn't realised until I've looked back at these pictures haha, oh well, I've decided to wear this black maxi dress from Primark. It's made in the comfy t-shirt material that maxi dresses often are and will honestly feel so nice sitting down in for a long period of time.
The hat.. well the hat is for decorative purposes in these pictures, but don't get me wrong, it doesn't leave my head once the sun hits. It's like the most dramatic hat ever, but I feel fab and my scalp doesn't burn HAHA IDEAL!

Anyway, I apologies if there is anyone out there who cares, but there won't be a blog post up until next week.. oh I can here you all crying already hahaha adios amigas.


  1. Oh my gosh you look gorgeous! That dress is absolutely stunning! Have a lovely holiday <3 xxx

    1. Aaah staaaaap, you make me blush - thank you!! xxx

  2. You looks so pretty! Hope you have a great time away xx