Her Head Was Up In Space

[Shirt: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Next (old)] 

So here's the question of the day - I'm I, Lisa Gibson really cool enough to pull off Space Buns. Somehow I'm thinking no, but I gladly carried on wearing them all throughout Sunday regardless. Yes, I did only leave the house once quickly to go to my friends house, but I am thinking may be in the area I live I would get the odd strange look or five for my hair being slightly out of the ordinary... I may re-visited this style in a couple of years when perhaps I'm a little cooler (which I very much doubt HA)
ANYWAY, that's enough taking the piss out of myself and sarcasm, I'll talk a bit about the my day/ outfit shall I?! - Well, yesterday was a very quiet day really, yes I did leave the house once but that was to simply head over to my friends house in the next village and feed her cat, she's on holiday in Tuscany (which I'm so incredibly jealous about) so I roped in some good friend points and have helped out all week. Although I wasn't really doing anything that required my hair to be done or makeup to be applied, I just feel so much more productive if I'm made up - anyone else?!
Because I'm on holiday next week I've tried to organise a few posts for while I'm away, I don't want to completely abandon my blog, so productive Lisa was in full swing this Sunday... space buns an all hahaha. I decided to give my new Zara shirt its debut, you will have seen it in my shopping haul a few posts back and it honestly so comfy and loose, ideal for wanting-to-get-things-done-but-don't-want-to-be-uncomfortable, you know that type of outfit, right?! As always, I wore my Topshop Leigh jeans which I can honestly say I live in, they're so comfy but aren't slouchy, which makes me not wants to sit about - Am I making sense, do you become more productive if you're wearing proper clothes instead of joggers and a baggy hoodie?!.. answer on a postcard..!


  1. You look so lovely with space buns and they really suit you!! x

  2. I LOVE the space buns! I for sure could not pull them off but you kinda do! They look so cool & also make your hair look really glossy haha

    I can literally not get anything productive done if I'm not wearing makeup / properly dressed. If I'm in my pyjamas my brain automatically thinks it's time for a snooze hahaha xxx

    1. Aaaaah thank you, I was so unsure if they looked stupid or not, but thanks glad they don't look ~as~ stupid as I thought!
      I'm so lazy if I have a pyjamas day, If I'm dressed with makeup/ clothes I do nothing hardly hahaha! xxx

  3. LOVE this look! So cute <3 And those blue booties are perfect as well :)