[Jumpsuit: F & F | Sunglasses: River Island (similar) | Wedges: Next (similar)]

So this is a bit of an impromptu outfit post because originally I was going to take a little break from blogging, because a combination of having five thousand other things to do and not having a single thing in my wardrobe I liked, made me just want to take a breather. But sometimes one little thing can spur you on and suddenly you feel great again. Well, as sad as this sounds, this jumpsuit single-handily made feel great and I couldn't wait to blog about it hahaha, yep my life people..

As it is still currently thirty thousand degrees here in Wales (believe me its never this sunny is Wales, so I have no idea how to acclimatise to the weather!)
My mum originally bought this jumpsuit end of last week and said it 'didn't look right on' so naturally I tried it on. Turns out it fitted me quite well and just had to keep it, so all through Sunday I wore it and felt fab. The handy thing is, this will be a great outfit for my holiday at the end of the month, its light and airy and doesn't show too much flesh to feel uncomfortable. I find because of my height, jumpsuits can never be long enough, meaning I either have my bum on show or a very severe wedgie, #tallpersonproblems

Sometimes people (including myself oops) can turn their noses at people buying clothes from places like Asda or Tesco, well this F & F of Tesco playsuit would not look out of place being sold of ASOS. With it being only £16 too, you literally cannot go wrong.. here's to another evening outfit planned for Ibiza, omg I'm so exited for my holiday now!



  1. Holy hell, this is gorgeous!! I'm the same, I turn my nose up at supermarket brands so much haha but this is absolutely stunning! Like the patterns and the colours and everything really! Plus your hair is so lovely - I'm v jel xxx

    1. Aw thank you, you really are too kind! Xx - omg I know I can be so snobby with like clothes from Matalan or a supermarket, really shouldn't be Who do I think I am hahahaha - aw thank you, I think the lighting really cancels out the fact my hair is so dry at the moment though haha! xxx

  2. You look so gorgeous - I love the jumpsuit xo

    Emily |