Six of Sixteen So Far

Before you start rolling your eyes at me, yes I too am one of those people that has uttered the phrase 'Its June already, where has this year gone?!?!' - Come one, I thing everyone is a bit scared at the fact we already half way through the year when it only feels like yesterday we were watching the fireworks off the London Eye on TV.
Well since we have reached the six month mark, I thought I do a sort of six month review of how my year has gone. I've been saying this is officially the first year of my life were my life runs from a January to a December, with school it always seemed to be September to August, so this is a year of a little drastic change. Anyway, if this was a TV show, this would be my highlights reel of all the best happenings so far in 2016.. just without the music haha.


So I had very low key entrance into 2016, no crazy parties, no endless bottles of champagne being popped.. I literally worked at my local pub, waitressing as a one off shift (I've worked there since I was 14, finally finished working there properly last month) and went to watch the fireworks with my mum then I came home. wild. BUT, I ended the month well, I went for Afternoon Tea to a Manor house not too far from where I live. We devoured miniature cakes, scones and endlessly filling up our coffee cups, whilst sitting my a massive log fire and chatting all afternoon - this is something I seriously need to do again!

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 My highlight for February was probably buying a new ~proper~ camera, I invested in a modest Nikon d3300, which according to the women who sold it me in John Lewis, its a 'good, simple first DSLR to own' - that sounded good enough for me. With that, I feel my photo quality has definitely improved and has subsequently boosted my desire to blog. I posted a blog post called 'This Blogging Thing..' at the beginning of February and it gained so much response, I received amazing views and feedback, its still one of my most proud blog post because I was completely honest in expressing my love for blog - it really was a highlight and makes me feel so happy, I'm so glad I posted it!

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So far this year, March has been my best month. Purely because I did so much great stuff. I like to plan my month ahead at the first few days on a printed out calendar, filling in each square so I really make the most of my days. I have actually kept my piece of paper that had my 'schedule' for March, I think I get jealous still now at how great it was. I went on a Spa Day with my mum, I had a long Bank Holiday off work, I went out for food so many times and went to Cardiff for a weekend to see my friend - now that is definitely the highlight, probably of this year so far. I went on Friday night and arrived back home Sunday evening. My and my friend (who's in Uni there) went shopping, had afternoon tea, properly caught up and watched Wales vs England in the Six Nations. Being Welsh,
 I obvious have passion for rugby in my veins and although we lost the game, the atmosphere watching it in the Student Union was insane.. I get Goosebumps thinking
of how great it was.. how can I rewind time?!

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 Now, I actually cannot believe this happened, but I actually managed to save enough of my hard earned cash and bought some designer shoes. Not just any though, some Valentino Rockstuds, oh yes baby. They are honestly the most gorgeous pair of shoes and the prettiest I think I will ever own. I know they were horrendously expensive and I don't think my mum has quite forgiven me for paying so much, but literally money has bought me happiness with these. The fit is stunning, they don't or haven't rubbed my feet as of yet and they just look so spectacular on. I have to admit I have banged on about them on this blog a ~tiny~ bit too much but hay hoo, if I'm paying triple figures for a pair of shoes, I want the friggin' world to know about it hahaha - all joking aside, they are beautiful and I'm just a prime example of how you can be working hard, on very low pay (19 year olds aren't exactly paid great are they?! *bangs head against wall*) and still manage to save for the thing you want... eventually!

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Running the Race for Life has something that has been long coming, all those days sweating on the running machine thinking 'why the hell am I doing this, I feel like dying' was worth it as I crossed the finish line of the 5k charity run at a reasonable 34minutes and 40seconds. It was such a breath-taking feeling thinking I have actually done something for such a great cause. I managed to rise £70 sponsors too which may not seem a lot, but even the smallest amounts will go a long way. I have to admit I did feel it in the afternoon after the run, I literally didn't get up off the sofa I was so stiff/ exhausted, but it was all worth it - it made me realise how much I enjoy outdoor running, I really need to get my arse in gear and go out for runs.. seriously Lisa come on!

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Finally, June. Although this month has just started I already know what my highlight will be - Ibiza. I go at the end of the month, just me, my mum and a whole week of utter relaxation. We are staying at the quieter part of the island, so no crazy parties till 5am, well I am with my mum so that wouldn't happen anyway! Its going to be such a nice break away from reality... and boy do I need it!

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  1. Oh my god it's so crazy we're like half way through 2016?!! And I've just realised we've been friends like 6 months or so because I literally remember all of your blog posts right back from January and subsequently all of the random Twitter chats HAHA - aww here's to another 6 months of friendship! Xxx

    1. AW has it really been six months of friendship, CUTEEE! I literally remember your ootd post in the snow and that was January so it has been that long! - here's to another six months, most definitely!!! xxx

  2. I loved this post and all the little recaps and photos! xx