Sun, Sun, Sun All Over Our Faces

 So lets rewind back to Monday, were I was graced with the luxury of a day off.. aah bank holidays you are the best. Currently in the UK we are having a mini (mini) heat wave and my god its bloody lovely. As it was so lovely on Monday me and my bestie decided it was too nice to stay in, all boring, so we went for a coffee (obviously) and went for a really long walk around a local small town. It was such a lovely day, we basically walked, sat on a wall near the sea and chatted for hours, these are the best days!
Unfortunately I didn't realise how hot it really was and ended up with one hell of a sunburnt left arm (lol just my left one) because when we were sat on a wall chatting, the sun was to the side of us.. doh Lisa.. so out came the Aloe Vera as soon I got in.

In terms of my outfit, I obviously gave my #ArchivebyAlexa trousers another spin, they are just too comfy, seriously! - also I wore my Zara blouse I purchased a few weeks ago, its made one or two appearances all ready on this blog, so no introductions needed.  
 Here's to hoping this glorious weather sticks around longer, I needed more days like this, being stuck inside shivering isn't half as fun!



  1. I am in love with the whole outfit! The shoes espiecially are to die for! Where are they from!? I'd love it if you checked out my blog at

    Keep being awesome!

  2. Seriously your gif making skills are sooo good! I'm so jealous I wouldn't even know where to start! You look lovely by the way, as per :)
    Also where I am the heat wave has now officially left the building and it's like 11 degrees *cries* xxx

    1. Thanksssssss, haha it took me way too long this time to figure out how to put that gif there haha, thought it would jazz up the post a bit!
      Aw I know the summer seems to be disappearing too quickly *cries too* xxx

  3. Your outfit looks so lovely, I think the heatwave is now over as it is cold and cloudy today xx

    1. Thanksss! x - yep we had torrential rain here today, typical!

  4. I love this outfit, the trousers are so cute and so is your blog!

  5. Awwww I love that little gif! so cute, I love those trousers too!

    Jen | Velvet Spring x