The First Few Days of.. Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream

Over course its no lie I'm an over spender and my latest purchase right here is no exception - the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I've heard endless good things about this product and although quite pricey at £70, I thought I'd take the plunge and pray to god above it works, literally, like magic.
Like the title suggests, I'm going to talking about how I feel after using it for a few days, I can't comment if its changed my skin in any way or if it has actually worked magically, but I can comment my impressions so far.
To begin with, its quite a thick moisturiser in the sense that a little goes a long way, I did find myself putting on too much the first couple of times and then I found myself really having to rub it in. But to be honest, once it is rubbed in it really doesn't feel heavy on the skin at all. I usually use it now, in the evenings and if say, I've put it on at 8.30pm after being for a shower, by the time I go to bed at around 10pm, its sunk in and my skin really does feel softer.  It doesn't sit uncomfortably, I have found with same thick moisturisers, 2 hours later I can still feel I thick on my skin, but with this it really sinks in and really feels like its actually doing something.

With me not needing a lot to cover my face, I really do feel (and hope) it will last a long time as the pot does offer a generous helping. The packaging it comes in is literally breath taking too, ok I know that's a little dramatic, but genuinely, the rose gold/copper coloured lid is so luxurious with the pot itself being glass - its such a sight for the eyes!
I have watched a video on Charlotte herself talking about the cream, saying she made a version of this years ago and would use it on models such as Kate Moss, they would then always ask for her to use her 'magic' moisturiser - his really does tempt the saying 'if its good enough for them..'
Like I said, I cannot comment on how well its doing to my skin, I can only really give an honest review once I've (tragically) finished the post, which for the record I hope is in the not-so-foreseeable future. For the time being I'll continue to apply this regularly and hope that that Tilbury Magic gives me eternal youth... well it does say its magic on the pot, doesn't it?!


  1. £70?!!!! Ohh myyy goddd Lisa!! Haha that's crazy expensive - can you imagine if it was rubbish, I think I'd cry! Though not gonna lie it looks beautiful and I'm kind of tempted... Also photography ON POINT. <3 xxx

    1. I KNOW OOOPS, I actually had a bit of a moment in John Lewis and money was no object in life hahaha! I better bloody work for my skin actually will cry a river if its crap, so far so good though so *hopefully* it wasn't a waste of money... Bit of a risky move for the money though, I do make my life difficult! - Thank you thank you!! <3 <3 xxx