Listen, 15 Year Old Lisa..

~ Listen, 15 year old Lisa...~
In this post today I felt like writing a kind of open letter, an open letter to my younger self. I my only be 19 at present, but in the last four years I feel I've changed the most. Well, changed is the wrong word really, I've developed, I've gone from a 15 year old who wouldn't say boo to a goose to a 19 (nearly 20 oh god #QuarterLifeCrisis) year old who is confident as I'll ever be (still need to shake of the awkwardness haha)
Back when I was 15 there was a lot of things I worried about, things that used to get to me and really bring me down, so here are a few things I really wish I could tell my younger self..

Your acne will get better, one day further on your forehead won't be absolutely covered, you won't come out the shower and cry because your chin is so red and blotchy. Spots will never magically disappear and never come back, but your skin will get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel - please don't tear yourself to shreds, everyone has acne as some point in their life, you're just having a bad few years with your skin...
You will eventually be lucky enough to have your train-track braces off, it unfortunately won't be until your 18, but you will get them off! I know you feel like they make you look about 12 and they absolutely rip your gums to shreds, but once you have them off, you'll feel on top of the world and not stop smiling. Grin and bare it and eventually your teeth will be straight and lovely, just you watch!
Chill out on the black eyeliner, your waterline does not need 5 coats of liner applied.. just, yano put the pencil down, please.
Please stop being so scared of what others think of you, I know you find it cripplingly embarrassing talking to people you don't know and feel like you are constantly being judged, but in actual fact people are too busy with their own lives to even think about what you have said. Besides, so what if you froze and stuttered through the whole of your Geography presentation, was anyone really listening...?
School dynamics disappear once you leave
You know you are terrified to even walk past that one scary girl in your year? Well it turns out you'll end up working with her waitressing for a bit in a few years and giving her lifts home, everyone grows up eventually.. Although she may be still a bit scary, maturity is a great thing.
~ is there anything you'd tell your 15 year old self if you could?

TOP 5: Cruelty-Free Beauty

[Lipstick & Blush: Marks & Spencer | Eye shadow Stick: By Terry | Concealer Pot: Kevyn Aucoin | BB Crème: L'Occitane

Well, this is a little different from me. I have featured beauty on this blog lots in the past and a handful of times this year, but I can't remember the last time I had so much make up in one post.
As mentioned previously in a blog post, I've really tried to buy more into cruelty-free brands, yes there are still the odd product here and there that aren't but its a case of 'won't be buying into that brand no more' (side note: Tom Ford pls stop testing on animals, your products are beautiful, leave the bunnies alone)
So, I thought I'd share my Top 5 products that are cruelty free and I love a lot..

First is the L'Occitane BB Cream, a product I must have been using for well over a year, Its so light on the skin but gives amazing coverage, I'm not one that loves the feeling of foundation types on my skin, but this feels so light. Similarly, the 'Insta Glow Blusher' from Rosie Huntington-Whitley's collection for Autograph at Marks & Spencer's, despite it unfortunately not turning me into Rosie herself, it gives the ever so suitable glow, its very light but for a highlight/ blush novice like me, it is just enough - I could see people complaining it isn't pigment enough, but for me its just enough.
A top pick for the eyes is the widely loved By Terry eye-shadow sticks, particularly in Misty Rock. Its a mauve-y, pink-y colour with ever so slight flecks of sparkle. I bought this in Space NK around a year ago and am absolutely obsessed. It glides on so effortlessly and blends so easily, seriously if you don't have this in your makeup bag you're missing out...

With this being a beauty post, I couldn't not mention a lipstick, well a recent purchase of mine is, again, from the Rosie HW collection for M&S (< lol can you tell I couldn't be bothered typing the full title again) I decided, since I only have about 600 red lipstick already, one more wouldn't hurt. I chose the shade Super Model Kiss which is a matte, red shade with an ever so slight shade of orange to it. Its a seriously moisturising formula and really doesn't feel dry on the lips, bloody great lipstick.
Finally, is a little pot of magic, joy and fairy dust.. or the Kevyn Aucoin 'Sensual Skin Enhancer' as some call it.. whatever. Its a concealing pot which can be used to be added to moisturiser to created a tinted moisturiser or used alone as a heavy concealer. Myself, I use the ever so slight amount as a concealer under my eyes and blend and blend. It may be a bit too heavy for some as an under eye concealer but I love it because it highlights as well as conceals.. oh and it doesn't cake either, told you its a pot of joy!
I hope this gave you a little insight into some seriously great cruelty-free products, if you have any other recommendations do leave me a comment!

As Monochrome As I Go

[Vest Top: Next | Tunic Top: Zara | Shorts: Zara | Shoes: Next | Watch: Olivia Burton]
 Well hello there, after last weeks *slight* change of scenery for the weekly outfit post, I'm back to my happy place, or one corner of my conservatory to be exact. I've dressed in a rather alien set of colours for me, not often do I don the monochrome, but it seemed Saturdays outfit had it in bucket loads. My outfit was all centred around the shoes, just look at the shoes. I'd had my eye on them for a couple of weeks and then something amazing happened, something I couldn't quite believe.. they were in the sale for half price IN MY SIZE. Yeah, it took about 6 seconds for them to be added to my basket and purchased haha. So, I had the shoes but then it was as matter of having an outfit that went with them. I originally thought black tights in summer would look stupid, but it is Britain we are talking about. We are having some kind of strangle heat wave at the moment, but over the weekend, despite it being so incredibly humid, the clouds were out, thick. Turns out black tights in winter is absolutely fine *thumbs up*
I decided to were my patterned shorts from Zara with a black vest top and tunic-type top, both shorts and top were a creamy/ivory so looked fine together.
Overall, in my head I didn't think this outfit would work, but turns out it doesn't look too bad. I think the shoes really bring the outfit together. Ideally it would have been nice to wear it all with nude tights, but its just not really appropriate when there are rain clouds in the sky and your in with a chance of constant goose bumps all day, yes even despite the humidity (that breeze can take you by surprise haha)
Hope you all too had a lovely weekend! :)

Gold Digger

 [Watch: Olivia Burton | Rose Quartz Ring: Accessorize | Dainty Gold Hoops: Accessorize | Aquamarine & Silver Earrings: Pandora | Star Studded: (quite old, really not sure sorry!)
Charm Bracelet: (very old too, from very places!)]
Before I start I do owe you all an apologies, I'm literally so far from original by taking photos on a marble background, its basically a blogging cliché, but if I'm honest I think the marble makes for a beautiful picture, so its kind of a sorry not sorry scenario... lol.
Anyway, I thought I'd show you the jewellery bits I'm absolutely obsessed with at the moment. Bits I wear near on a daily basis, for example the most beautiful ring made up of rose quartz and a gold (platted I think) band. It basically lives on my right middle ring! Its from the Z for Accessorize collection, alongside the dainty gold slim hoops, with the rose quartz at the ends, they are the most beautiful set and although they may be a tiny bit overpriced (the ring alone is £15 :/) they are truly stunning.
Some other studs I seem to always turn to are my round Pandora earrings with an aquamarine gem and my diamante star studs. The Pandora earrings were a present for my birthday off my mum a few years ago and although the gemstone isn't my actual birthstone (aquamarine is March's and my birthdays in September - my mum ''didn't like the shade of blue of the September one for me'' haha!) they are so delicate and eye-catching, plus because they're sterling silver, they don't so that horrible thing of leaving black on your ear lobes (you all must know what I mean) The same thing with my star diamante earrings, I turn to these so often, I must have bought them a good 6/7 years ago from where, I have no idea, but they have been a firm favourite on my dressing table!
Finally, on my wrists I have my watch, I'm one of these girls who cannot leave the house without wearing one, If I do forget that's all you'll hear from me all day... me complaining I forgot my watch! - I wear my Olivia Burton watch with a cute sketch of a bunny on the dial, daily. I got it off my mum for my 18th Birthday I think it was (?) and its been on ever since near enough, their watches are to die for. A little addition I've discovered lately is my charm bracelet that I don't think I've worn since I was 15, its mostly from the Chamilia range at Argos and like I said, all the charms on it are a good 4/5 years old. I've started wearing it recently and love it once more.. there's just the minor detail of it being an absolute nightmare to put on my wrist myself.. and I wonder why I have abandoned it on my shelf for a few years!

Back To The Simple Life

[Top: Primark (similar) | Jeans: All Saints | Jacket: Zara | Bag: Lulu Guinness | Shoes: Valentino]

For this post it really is a sense of throwing right back to the start, back to the simple life of blogging for me. Back when I started to blog I had no idea what I was doing, not that I have much of a clue now, but back in Mid-2014, I picked up my Samsung Galaxy S4, wore girly-clothes and attempted this blogging malarkey. It was over the weekend that I thought I'd take a little stroll down memory lane and read my old posts, it's so surprising what can change in just 2 short years. My hair is different, my face has changed (or I've finally began to look my age???) and, well my style has continued to be bright.
I edited these photos all on my phone, good'ol VSCO cam, which I do love but doesn't half bring the quality down on photos that aren't the most clear as it is. Oh well, I thought I'd change it up a bit in terms of my weekly #ootd, I do love my usual spot of my conservatory that near enough all my outfit posts are, but sometimes it's nice to just do something different.
So here's a spin on my old 'style' (is you want to call it that) of blog post, I feel I've learnt a lot in blogging over the past two years, but my first few blog posts will always raise a smile because we've all had to start somewhere!


Be Kind

Now this is the sort of post I've seen dotted around a lot of blogs, its not a new thing or anything ground breaking, but as they say I'm putting my two pence in/ jumping on the bandwagon and hopefully it can raise a smile to at least one of you.. even if that one person is me hahaha
As its the start of the week and unfortunately Monday, here are a few pretty quotes I've nabbed off Pinterest (I've linked them ok, no copyright biz going on here mr pinterest oxo) (p.s. my Pinterest is @LisaEighteen if you want to follow me, thanks oxoxo) - I'm definitely one of these people that genuinely can gain motivation from a good quote, so here are my favourites I've pinned lately!

p.s. I did read a quote like these that said 'don't waste your youth growing up' and it honestly hit me for six, like I've never turned to wine in a stressful situation before, not even my A Levels resulted in alcohol because of stress. So, I was going to include that one, but that was too much HAHA. I'm off to do something now crazy like skydive or drink some black coffee before I cry at the fact I'm probably wasting my youth trying to grow up... haha thanks for reading :)


Why Its OK To Be The Quiet One

~Why Its OK To Be The Quiet One ~
Being quiet isn't a bad thing, not a bad thing at all. There are times you don't need to talk and that's fine, being the quiet one is OK. I've always been the quiet one in a group, less so now, but for years and I mean throughout the whole of school life I was the shy and quiet one. I remember nearer the end of my two years of GSCEs, in one of the class I had a conversation with a boy one day and remember him going to his friend's afterwards 'jesus I've never heard her speak that much before' - It was a 5 minute conversation.


For most blogging isn't a full time career, they don't have every hour in the day to debate what arrangement a certain photo should be for a post, or decided 'ah right, I think I'll write now' For most, ever spare minute is sucked from regular life and compressed into bulk photo taking or writing post upon post just because 'I won't have another chance this week' - this is the reality, well this is my reality of working full time and trying blog all the time - it s a balancing act fit for the circus.

The Sky Wore A Veil Of Gold And Grey

[Top: Zara | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Tights: Next | Loafers: Marks & Spencer |
Bag: Zara | Trench Coat: Hobbs

It actually feels a lifetime since I last shot any kind of outfit post on this blog, with me having a week away to refresh, Its given me a new motivation with this little blog. This weekend I've really loved the whole blogging process and I'm so exited to try my best with it again!

Anyway, my weekend. Saturday, I met up with my friend who I haven't seen properly for far too long, he's just finished his A Levels, so was so nice to have a catch-up, shopping, drinking coffee and laughing, lots. There was only the slight down side that it actually pored down with rain, so so much rain. Without trying to be too British and complain about the weather, there were several cloud bursts, which makes planning your outfit for the day that much more difficult.
I was adamant I was wearing my trench coat, because just look at it, its the most beautiful coat I own and I seriously feel fabulous wearing it. I paired it with a velvet skirt from Zara (bought last year so no longer in stock/ no link) and a white blouse. I have to admit, wearing a skirt and tights may not have been the best decision because walking in the rain and having large rain drops, drop on your legs is not a nice feeling - oh well have I ever chosen practicality over fashion?! - I topped the outfit off with my new Zara bag, which I featured a few blog posts back in a shopping haul. Also, a new pair of loafers from Marks & Spencer, I've bought them for work, but because they're so pretty, I'll be getting wear out of them outside the office as well, most definitely!


Instagram Update #10

~ Instagram Update ~
Just to keep my Ibiza holiday alive and kickin' for a little while longer, I thought I'd update you all on my Instagram at present. As I was there for a week, I actually had things, interesting things to take photos of and Instagram, therefore I took full advantage! - anyway, here's my latest lot of squares...

The Book List #6

After what feels like a very very long time, I'm back with little book review once more. Recently, I haven't been in the mood to read, but low and behold, I started this little gem of a book (sitting on a sun lounger on my holidays) and was well and truly hooked. 'All the Bright Places' was recommended to me by my ever so fabulous #bloggerbestie Lily (good job, Lily - I bloody loved it!) and after reading the blurb thought, 'yeah, this seems the book for me'

Snippets of.. IBIZA 2016.

~ IBIZA 2016 ~

 aaaaaaand its back to reality, back to the normal/ everyday life. No more sun, no more free cocktails by the pool (all inclusive is the ONE) no more ANYTHING boooo.
Anyway, before I genuinely begin to cry a river I thought I'd share my holiday pictures from my 5-or-so days in Ibiza last week.
It was honestly the most relaxing week I've had in a long long time, like I said, It was just a daily routine of waking up, relaxing by the pool, drinking cocktails and going for an afternoon walk when I started melting in the heat (I burn in a millisecond haha) - of course cannot forget the evening meals, yum.