Be Kind

Now this is the sort of post I've seen dotted around a lot of blogs, its not a new thing or anything ground breaking, but as they say I'm putting my two pence in/ jumping on the bandwagon and hopefully it can raise a smile to at least one of you.. even if that one person is me hahaha
As its the start of the week and unfortunately Monday, here are a few pretty quotes I've nabbed off Pinterest (I've linked them ok, no copyright biz going on here mr pinterest oxo) (p.s. my Pinterest is @LisaEighteen if you want to follow me, thanks oxoxo) - I'm definitely one of these people that genuinely can gain motivation from a good quote, so here are my favourites I've pinned lately!

p.s. I did read a quote like these that said 'don't waste your youth growing up' and it honestly hit me for six, like I've never turned to wine in a stressful situation before, not even my A Levels resulted in alcohol because of stress. So, I was going to include that one, but that was too much HAHA. I'm off to do something now crazy like skydive or drink some black coffee before I cry at the fact I'm probably wasting my youth trying to grow up... haha thanks for reading :)



  1. I love the pineapple quote, it is so sweet. Lovely post xx

  2. Ahh I love these! Completely agree that it takes courage to be who you really are! Spent far too much of my life trying to fit into societies definition of perfect when in reality no one is!! Great post as per!! <3 xxx

    1. Agree agree, I've realised there isn't really a 'perfect' is there, because societies definition is impossible! - thank youuuuuu xxx