Snippets of.. IBIZA 2016.

~ IBIZA 2016 ~

 aaaaaaand its back to reality, back to the normal/ everyday life. No more sun, no more free cocktails by the pool (all inclusive is the ONE) no more ANYTHING boooo.
Anyway, before I genuinely begin to cry a river I thought I'd share my holiday pictures from my 5-or-so days in Ibiza last week.
It was honestly the most relaxing week I've had in a long long time, like I said, It was just a daily routine of waking up, relaxing by the pool, drinking cocktails and going for an afternoon walk when I started melting in the heat (I burn in a millisecond haha) - of course cannot forget the evening meals, yum.

Whilst we were there, me and my mum wondered into the old town of Ibiza, or Evissia, as its called - these are mainly what I've shown in the pictures, it was so beautiful. I been there briefly last year when I went with my friends (no partying this year haha) and was desperate to go back. We walked up the massive hill there, which has all these small cobbled streets and a big cathedral at the top, you can literally see over the whole of Ibiza near enough once a the top. I kept thinking to myself, if was one of these 'professional' blogger types, the backgrounds would have been flawless for an #OOTD, but I was a literally sweaty mess with badly sunburn shoulders in an old jumpsuit - not very blogger-worthy HAHA.

Anyway, this years holiday has been done. Its so true when people say 'one holiday a year just isn't enough' - I'd jump on a plane right this second and head anywhere... Barcelona, anyone?!



  1. YOUR PICTURES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOSHHHH!!! Seriously I can't get over how gorgeous Ibiza looks! (Love the OOTD by the palm trees btw very professional blogger!!) You're making me seriously wish away the next two weeks before I go away because my wanderlust is at an all time high right now! If you're looking for a volunteer to join you in Barcelona ;) sign. me. up! haha xxx

    1. AHHH THANK YOUUU!!! - hahah I'm far from the posey posey bloggers, very far from it! Omg seriously cannot wait for your holiday photos, youre next!
      ~ fancy Barcelona beginning of September then?!!! ;) hahaha, aaah the things i'd do to go back on holiday NOW! xxx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Lovely photos xx

  3. I've recently came back and I'm so depressed haha, Ibiza is a beautiful place. Love these photos!

    Jen /


    1. I have serious holiday blues, Its really is amazing, thank you! x