Listen, 15 Year Old Lisa..

~ Listen, 15 year old Lisa...~
In this post today I felt like writing a kind of open letter, an open letter to my younger self. I my only be 19 at present, but in the last four years I feel I've changed the most. Well, changed is the wrong word really, I've developed, I've gone from a 15 year old who wouldn't say boo to a goose to a 19 (nearly 20 oh god #QuarterLifeCrisis) year old who is confident as I'll ever be (still need to shake of the awkwardness haha)
Back when I was 15 there was a lot of things I worried about, things that used to get to me and really bring me down, so here are a few things I really wish I could tell my younger self..

Your acne will get better, one day further on your forehead won't be absolutely covered, you won't come out the shower and cry because your chin is so red and blotchy. Spots will never magically disappear and never come back, but your skin will get better, there is light at the end of the tunnel - please don't tear yourself to shreds, everyone has acne as some point in their life, you're just having a bad few years with your skin...
You will eventually be lucky enough to have your train-track braces off, it unfortunately won't be until your 18, but you will get them off! I know you feel like they make you look about 12 and they absolutely rip your gums to shreds, but once you have them off, you'll feel on top of the world and not stop smiling. Grin and bare it and eventually your teeth will be straight and lovely, just you watch!
Chill out on the black eyeliner, your waterline does not need 5 coats of liner applied.. just, yano put the pencil down, please.
Please stop being so scared of what others think of you, I know you find it cripplingly embarrassing talking to people you don't know and feel like you are constantly being judged, but in actual fact people are too busy with their own lives to even think about what you have said. Besides, so what if you froze and stuttered through the whole of your Geography presentation, was anyone really listening...?
School dynamics disappear once you leave
You know you are terrified to even walk past that one scary girl in your year? Well it turns out you'll end up working with her waitressing for a bit in a few years and giving her lifts home, everyone grows up eventually.. Although she may be still a bit scary, maturity is a great thing.
~ is there anything you'd tell your 15 year old self if you could?


  1. I keep meaning to do a post like this, I think they are so interesting to read xx

  2. I LOVED this post!! Like you I think I've grown so much in confidence (though I'm still really socially awkward in some situations hahaha) especially since leaving school. Environments like that can be really detrimental to confidence as literally everyone is in competition with one another. I know when I was at school I was terrified of being judged and thought of as the 'weird one' but I'm kind of over that now, and I don't really care (as much) what people think of me! xxx

    1. I was 100% known as the one who didn't talk to anyone purely because I was so shy, Im still awkward but Im working on it kind thing hahaha! - To be honest the thought of even slightly being judged used to make me want to actually sob but Im more and more developing the attitude of 'they can judge all they like I'm happy!' I feel so much better for it! Xxx

  3. Hahahah I loved the bit about the eyeliner! I used to go into school looking like a panda and it would be smudged all over my face by the end of the day!
    Cloe X

    1. Oh god Im glad Im not the only one who used COAT eyeliner, eww what were we thinking!! xx