A Few Weeks in August..

~ A Few Weeks In August. ~

Sometimes, its nice to round things up isn't it. Over the past few weeks I haven't been monstrously busy but I've done things here and there I'd like to share. Blogging is basically a electronic diary of shorts, so here's diary entry #231.. (wow I really cannot believe I'm up in the two thousands in posts, craaaay)

Lipstick.. As mentioned in my 'TOP 5: Cruelty Free Beauty' post, the genius collaboration between the kings of cotton undies and uh-mazing meal deals, Marks & Spencer and the goddess herself Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Their cruelty-free make up seriously kicks ass, with the 'Model Kiss' matte lipstick being a serious fav. The matte coral shade hasn't really left my lips and lasts forever and ever - thumbs up from me.
Food.. In a town about 3 miles from my little village, a
new Tapas bar has opened. And like any other small area, when something new happens everyone flocks. Well, a few Fridays ago my friend who's back home from Uni and I went to try it out and O.M.G talk about great food. We devoured our tapas and chatted our way through a bottle of prosecco. It was serious the pick-me up I need after a stressful week of work..
Talking of Work..I know its never good to vent your frustration about a job you are employed at and I'm not going to start now, but sometimes being a young girl in a big world is hard. The office I work at consists of approx. 14 people (all over the age of 40) and me. They are all absolutely lovely, but when it gets a bit tense (without trying to bring out the violins) I become the easy target to unload their bad mood on... so basically yes, 'A Smooth Sea Never Created a Skilled Sailor' is what I'm trying to think when I feel a bit sad coming home..
Film.. I'm not one that often goes to the cinema, my local one is good 40 minutes away so its no way a quick dash. Despite this, I've actually been 3 times in the past month - Suicide Squad being my latest watch. To be honest, it was my friend who wanted to see it, I had very little knowledge on it at all. My verdict is simple - it was ok. I wasn't bored through it but I didn't make a lot of sense to me and I won't exactly see it again, 6/10 rating if I were to give one maybe?!!


  1. Ahh I'm interested to hear what you thought about Suicide Squad! My friends and I were all talking about going but like you I have absolutely no idea what it's about haha!! Might still give it a shot as I haven't been to the cinema in far too long. You know, I feel like we're weirdly in synch because I'm planning on doing a reflective august type post as well!! <3 xxx

    1. The film wasn't boring it just wasn't may cup of tea, kinda thing - to be honest I was completely expecting that to be the case anyway! Hahaha of course we are in sync, I cannot wait to read your round up!! xxx

  2. I was planning to go for Suicide Squad when I wasn't sure what it was about but when I got an idea of it, I cancelled! Haha! It's not my cup of tea. Also, I feel bad to know what you have to go through for work sometimes, just remember that quotes you mentioned and you are good to go! Lovely post, by the way :)

    1. Suicide Squad seems the kind of film that is all hype without the film being that good! - aw thank you I'll definitely keep the quote in mind when times get tough! xx