So what happens when you go to do a blog post for the next day, realise you hate the photos and have no time to re-shoot?... scrap the post, doodle something on a piece of A4, find a Tag from 2014 and hope for the best!

As I franticly searched Google for a blog post idea, I came across the 'Girl Power' tag, something that seemed to have done the rounds in mid-2014, Seventeen magazine even had YouTube videos on it. So being the huge Spice Girls fanatic I am and loving the questions, I just had to answer to it.. here goes!

What does Girl Power mean to you?

If you say Girl Power to me I instantly think Spice Girls, the two finger pose, the fashion, the fact that they made women strong, it all means girl power. I think, what the Spice Girls seemed to have done was glamourize power for girls everywhere. Although me personally, I was only a baby when they were huge, I've still watch Spiceworld too many times, it seems they were marketed on the term Girl Power, it seemed to give girls everywhere the confidence that they are enough.   

What is the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?

Just bloody go for it, don't let any stupid man drag you down. There are a lots of asshole men out there who still live in the 1950's and think men, and men only, deserve power. So ignore every single one of these types of men and become the greatest you can be. Apply that red lipstick, wear those Louboutin's and take over the world.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it?

To be honest, I would have the super power of stopping girls from ever having periods ever again. I would simply wave my magic wand and ever women in all the land would never have to have the painfully experience of belly cramps, feeling shitty, wanting all the sugar and occasionally bursting out crying for the smallest reason of 'we've ran out of chocolate buttons in the fridge'
What would my superhero name be, I hear you ask?! - The Red River Concluder... lol that's a rubbish superhero name, any suggestions for a better one? hahaha

Show us your best girl power pose (picture).
 I've picked this photo because I'm a strong believer that if you give a girl the right amount of confidence, she can honestly achieve great things. I gain confidence if I feel comfortable in what I'm wearing and if my hair is playing ball. I really loved this look from a few weeks ago and felt liberated wearing it all, so for me, this is Girl Power!

What beauty product makes you feel powerful?
Red Lipstick, always. Need I say anymore more than that?

Why is it important to have powerful girls as role models?

I think having powerful girls as role models is needed more and more each day. Everyone has someone they look up to and it can all be for different reasons, whether that be the career they've create for themselves, their personality or simply their style. A woman can be influential for the smallest things. Recently, I feel women are seriously taking over the world, not being too dramatic, but I genuinely feel proud at how the world is shaping out at present. All politics aside, I'm in awe at the fact the two most powerful people in Britain at present are women. We have Theresa May as PM and Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister of Scotland (see her tweet, for reference for what I'm trying to say, here) Also, Hilary Clinton seems to be on the cusp of history. Michelle Obama recent did a speech at political conference in the US (watch here), it really was on of the most inspiring, making me on the verge of crying when I watched it. So, why is it important to have powerful girls? because women have been oppressed for far too long, women are just as powerful as men. We should be treated as equal and not second best, besides, without women, there would be no men in the world...

What young up and comer do you think is powerful and why?

The first girl I think comes to mind is Lorde, she seems to really take on the world, with her quirky ways and strong personality (and voice) she really does seem to be killing it. Like come on, she was what, 17 years old winning a Grammy for 'Royals' - a song she wrote herself at such a young age. If that doesn't scream powerful then what does?!

If you'd like to answer this tag, then be my guest! - for all I know though, this tag was well and truly out done 2 years ago.. oh well I've always been a pro at being late to the party...



  1. I love this tag! Girl power all the way, I almost cried at the Michelle Obama speech as well xx

    1. Ah yes it was so so powerful gave me goosebumps! xx

  2. I am so glad you did this tag! I absolutely loved it and I am secretly hoping for you to get those super powers haha! Ps, I like that name it's appropriate haha!! Also, I love spice girls too!!

    1. I really wish I could become that Super Hero, oh how great that would be! X