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[Dress: Olive | Bag: Olive | Shoes: Zara (old but gold - similar)]
 Whilst hymning the tune to pink panther, I can't help but genuinely being so happy with these photos. Not being vein or anything (because I'm certainly no oil painting) but the dress and the strange setting on my camera have made for a great set of photos. In this weeks outfit post, I'm finally going to talk about a brand I have been lusting over a good year now, finally I found my dress of dreams, finally I pressed the 'checkout' button and gave my hard-earned cash to Olive; The Instagram-swoon-worthy brand I have been dying to own item from.. rejoice, its finally the time..

 Firstly, I have to point out that I set my camera to 'Raw' and they some how turned out with a strange filter over them.. I've hardly edited these photos at all haha I'm a tech novice so I have no idea what raw mode is but hey ho, the strange colours make the dress look even better so I'll keep it on this mode for a bit long!

Anyway, THE DRESS. Well, dress and bag - They're from a brand I first discovered on Instagram and have not stopped lusting over ever since I pressed that follow button. They're a brand that have a kind of a vintage vibe and are absolutely beautiful. This smock-type dress is in a salmon pink colour and fits like a dream. I do wish it was a little bit longer (five foot eight problems) but it does hide my modesty enough to not expose myself in public (I'll just make sure I don't wear it when its a windy day haha)
So the dress was added to my basket, but I was in a spendy mood, so I began looking further. I'm a girl who cannot help but love pink, so I when I see a cute little envelope bag in a lovely pastel pink colour, it had me at hello. Despite the fact I really do not need another bag, I just had to have it. Besides, despite having a blog and genuinely being a very girly girl, I don't go shopping as often as you think. I can literally go a month and a half and petrol and food will be the only things I've bought for myself.. so when I feel I want to part with my money, I like to spend it wisely.
I may look a slight bit Victorian with the frilled sleeves, but I felt fabulous and I finally have lovely dress from a brand I've wanted to buy from for aaaages.. happy happy!



  1. Firstly GREAT PHOTOS - you should be more than proud, outfit posts and photos are so darn difficult! Secondly I am obsessed with this dress! HOW cute!? It's like that perfect Summer evening/holiday/garden all-occasion dress! Zara had a very similiar denim one which I wanted to buy but as I'm not going on holiday I refused! i've never heard of Olive! Have to check out the website now! xx


    1. AAAAAH THANK YOU! Sometimes photos just all come together, hahaha most of the time they don't but when they do its a great feeling! - this dress is just beautiful, so so glad I bought it xx

  2. LOVEEEEE!!! <3 you look stunning these photos are amazing!! The bag especially is right up my street - I've got a bit of a thing for pastels at the minute! I'm the same, I won't go shopping for a couple of months but when I do... You know about it haha! Go hard or go home that's what I say HAHA xxx

    1. Hahaha seriously I do go hard or go home with shopping.. Its the only way really isn't it!! - Thank you so much xxx

  3. Oh. My. God! The photos and you look gorgeous haha💕 They are absolutely beautiful and the dress is oh my my 😍 I can't stop obsessing over it!