Stripes & Daisies

[Top: SoulCal | Skirt: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS | Bag: Zara]

YAY, its Bank Holiday weekend, three days out of the office instead of the regular two.. that really is cause for celebration isn't it. The sun is out (yay), I have an extra day for a lie-in (yay) - the only thing that's spoilt it? the fact this skirt is about 4inches too short, why do bad things happen to good people, eh?! The skirt used to be fine (here's the blog post from when I first bought it!) on me but either the fairies have been out in the last year and I've miraculously grown more or my housewife skills aren't up to scratch and I've shrunk it.. Anyway, its safe to say, I was making very sure at the fact it didn't stretch too far up or bend over in any way.. another day, another reason why being tall can be the biggest pain in the arse ever!!!
As I said, it was a very sunny day over the weekend so as I am now in utter denial its near September I rolled out all the summer clothes I could in a last chance bid to wear them, before its all pumpkins, parkas and less then perky weather. I'm sure I've mentioned my Soulcal, daisy top before - its literally ancient but every summer I really get my wear out of it. With that is the skirt, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship but not meant for a tall gal like me, at the time I bought it I have no idea if it came in 'tall' - should probably have checked. But never the less, its so beautiful with the pale grey stripes and scalloped edge, Topshop got it so right with this one!
Finally, are the shoes. I remember about two years ago now, reading WishWishWish's blog and falling in love with these cream heeled sandals she wore- safe to say I quickly used her affiliated link and they were delivered to me 3-5 working days later - so comfy and so elegant at the same time!
Hope you all have had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend, check back here on Wednesday for more of my glorious weekend off!


  1. I love this little blouse, the whole look is gorgeous!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Ok your blog posts have been SO GOOD recently!! Have you changed your camera or editing software because I'm jealous af!! <3 Also love, love, love this skirt, you look fabulous as ever! xxx