Eighteen by Lisa Gibson

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The Year Two Thousand

 [Dress: Misguided (v old) | Shoes: C/O Boohoo | Denim: Next (similar)]

So here's a look I like to call 'would have looked better on Paris Hilton at the 2003 VMA's' - Its the pattern of the dress, isn't it?!
Anyway, despite the fact I should have a tiny leather bag up my shoulder and pointy kitten heel shoes, I decided on Saturday I was braving a dress. I'll admit, all I did was go get my nails done but its the weekend and all I wanted to do was dress in something other than a boring polo shirt and black trousers, oh aren't work uniforms fabulous!
I decided, because I was in the mood for a dress I'd dig out this hand-me-down dress from Misguided. I got it off my mums friend from work who has a daughter who's about 1-2 years older than me - I've never met the girl before, but thank you nice girl, I am now wearing your old dress haha
 I was going to wear it with a long coat because I have the tendency to wear a dress than get cold legs, but as this dress is a little bit too far up the leg, I decided a shorter jacket would make me look less like I was walking 'round in my birthday suit from the behind. So denim jacket it was, the one I wore was actually nabbed from my mum's wardrobe (I feel like I say that in every ootd on this blog!) As we are the same size and she loves shopping as much as me, her wardrobe is great to 'borrow' things from - its a great having a trendy mum (my mum's name is Wendy and I was just about to type that she's 'Trendy Wendy' - that would have been an embarrassing thing to type in a serious sentence HA)
 Anyway, I paired all this with my Boohoo wedges that I still can't believe were gifted to me a few months ago (serious, the really Boohoo?!!!!) There's a first and last time for everything!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!



  1. I love the print on the dress, the whole outfit is lovely!
    Jen / Velvet Spring x

  2. Such a pretty dress, adore the print! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

    1. You do? Great! I was worried it looked a bit outdated haha thank you! xx

  3. Lovely outfit! I love the style of it xx

    1. Thank you lovely, Because I'm tall I think the dress could have done with being a few cm longer but oh well, what can ya doooo! xx

  4. I love the outfit, pretty girl! Ps, I borrow my mum's clothes too haha!