Up In My Air Balloon

[Blouse: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Next | Bag: Lulu Guinness]
~ Up In My Air Balloon, Air Balloon, Huh..~
So as soon as I put this blouse on I thought of Lily Allen.. ok hear me out.. You know the song, Air Balloon, right? Well there are doodles of hot air balloons all over this blouse so I'm not being a weirdo again.. capeesh?  

Anyway, as always on this blog I thought I'd show you a little outfit I wore over the weekend. My standard 'I have nothing exiting or new to wear so jeans and a blouse will do..' We all have these outfits right. I've said it before (probably) but the Topshop Leigh jeans are honestly my favourite things in the world. You really cannot go wrong with a decent pair of black jeans, plus the comfort. I usually live in my pyjama bottoms, but these (although a little tight nowadays, oops the diet has gone off track slightly) are so soft and flexible. Not like those jeans were you can't put your shoes on because you're slowly being strangled around the waist. These are the ultimate in comfy denim.
I decided to give the latest addition to my shoe collection another outing and my doodle-y white Zara blouse a wear. 
I wasn't doing the most interesting of activities to be wearing these but like I've said before, every day's a fashion show and all that. Basically, I went (Are you ready for this) to a Bowls competition.
Yep, you know that sport that usually old men play were they chuck a ball at a yellow ball and the man who bowls their ball the closes wins.. yeah that one. Well my mums partner ( he is by no means an old man though let me add!) he was playing in this competition so we went along to support him, he was hosting it too so we were helping about.
To be honest, on paper its not an event that really ticks my boxes but I had a great day because the four of us (including my mum's partners son (haha that's a mouths full!!)) were together having a laugh, so it really was a great day!
Although I won't be taking up the sport myself anytime soon, It really was nice to have some family time and have no internet on my phone. Sometimes days like this are just what's needed, even if it sounds not the most interesting haha!


  1. That's such a chic outfit, I absolutely loved it๐Ÿ’• Also, I can totally understand the struggle of wearing your shoes after you've put the jeans on haha๐Ÿ™ˆ

    1. Haha thank you! - yeahhh Its quite the struggle! x๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Ooh I love the shoes! I think I said that before when you featured them haha but they're just so nice! Your outfit posts have been getting soooo good recently, I'm jealous! Xxx