Why Its OK to Cry Sometimes..

~Why Its OK To Cry Sometimes..~
Yes, I'm going to be honest - I'm a crier. I cry when something goods happened, I cry when something bad has happened - I especially cry when something's soppy, beautiful or just genuinely a nice gesture. I seem to cry all.the.time. I'm not trying to make out I'm a sad person and I'm literally just a girl who cannot handle their emotions at the best of times... now I've set the scene, can you imagine how I've been over the last two weeks of the Olympics - Team GB going above and beyond expectation.. ab.sol.ute WRECK.

So despite the fact I take the piss out of myself for crying on a near daily basis, I think its perfectly fine. Its a natural emotion, often its never because I'm sad it is purely because I am happy. Before today I have just looked at my grandma and thought 'omg I love her so much' and started welling up.. haha that's an actual true story. Often I feel SO much better after a good cry, feelings and emotions do build up if nothing is said or done, crying realises all that and despite the fact you may look like a massive blotchy mess, you're guaranteed to feel great afterwards.
I'll be honest, crying isn't always for the better. In the year I've been working full time in an 'adult job' I've cried a countless amount of times, purely because I find it hard to control my emotions, when I get a build-up amount of stress I can feel the prickles of tears in my eyes - even when I get extremely angry or frustrated... I can't tell whether this is because I'm showing early signs of menopause or the stop tap in my brain was faulty when I was born.. that I may never work out.

But, come on, I can't be the only one that cry's when GB win a gold medal in the Canoeing, I can't be the only one who cry's uncontrollably when an old person cry's on a documentary on Channel Four. I can't be the only one who cry's just because they feel like having a good cry.. now I've typed that I sound like the most annoying person there is, but seriously I'm surely not the only weeping girl out there...anyone?!



  1. Tbh I'm not a huge crier but when I go, I GO!! Sad TV commercials and / or happy things like the Olympics always make me a bit teary eyed. But usually I get most upset if I feel like I've let myself or others down. Aw great post lovely, I love the photograph, did you draw it?! It's so cool <3 xxx

    1. HAHAHA its been our greats chats about cry about the Olympics on Twitter thats inspired this blog post, I've been teary eyed for weeks hahaha! Ah thank you, I didn't draw it, I cut letters from a magazine! xxx