What I ♡ This Week

~What I ♡ This Week ~
Ah a little favourites post, I thought I'd share a few bits and bobs I've loved this week - why not, eh?
With it being my birthday last week, I seem to have acuminated a few lovely items, so being the ever over-sharer I am, thought I'd give you look! Here I have some snazzy new nails (and trying acrylics for the first time!), some dainty earrings with a lovely meaning, a candle to remind me how to spell my name and some other little things that have put a smile on my face... September has always been my favourite month..!


Its been officially six days since turning twenty and I'm still in denial I'm that old, like seriously, I'm in my twenties WHAT. I would have gotten this post up a lot sooner but my wifi router at home decided to break and so I've gone nearly a week without Internet (I'm currently in my auntie and uncles house writing this post!) BLOODY BT - for reference we aren't getting it fixed until Monday which is just bloody divine isn't it!!!!! Oh what a first world problem to have hahaha 

Anyway my Birthday...


[Dress: Oasis | Top: Next (similar) | Shoes: Next]
 As previously mentioned in my 'Autumn Toned Wishlist', I've had this suedette pinafore in my mind for a while, just look at it, it just screams autumn. Its definitely the colour.. or the fact it suede.. or maybe the fit; hmm its just the whole dress it think! Talking of suede, as I unpackaged this from the brightly coloured Oasis packaging, my ever practical mother said, not 'oh that's a lovely dress!' but 'www you'll have to remember when you iron it, iron it inside out!' HAHA I never want to be middle aged!

BEAUTY: Nail Colour Collection at Next

Right then, let's talk all things nail polish. I'm one of these girls who cannot go a few days with bare nails without having to paint them. My hands just look so ugly if there isn't some kind of colour on there! So, a few weeks ago when me and my mum took a leisurely stroll around are local Next (fyi, her entire wardrobe comes from there haha!) I noticed their makeup line seems to really be something to look at. I had a look at the lipsticks, swatched the blushers, then finally settling for a pack of four polishes.. each one as beautiful as the next. Not bad really to thing for four is cost me all of ten pounds and to top it off there was a little leaping bunny on the back, yay for cruelty-free!

Groundhog Day

[Dress: Zara | Ribbed Top: New Look (similar) | Tights: Forever 21 | Boots: Next | Bag: Zara]
Aaaah Autumn style; MY FAVOURITE. The tights, the cute dresses and the boots - basically the only thing missing is a huge coat and it'd be perfect.. but yano it's not sub-zero temperatures just yet! Over the weekend I did a very adult thing and took myself shopping - I'm guessing the certificate to declare I'm an official mature/ independent women will be in the post in a few days?!
Anyway, I decided to give last years 'Christmas Party Dress' a more casual outing - does anyone else do that, they buy a dress, wear it a few times for fancy occasions, then its put in the casual pile in your wardrobe.. well that's me!   

The Book List #7

Yay, another book finished - I love this feeling, I've actually achieved something this month already!
Anyway, let me tell you about a little treasure I found at one of the cheapest places to find books; The Works.. you know, the cheap British High street shop you can find anything from paint brushes, to children's toys to wooden easels and lots and lots of books. No matter how often you step inside, they will forever have a three for two offer on books, so when shopping a few months back, it thought I'd buy one or two. This one was among two others were I picked it up quickly, briefly read the back and thought I'd give it ago, besides one of the offers worked out at something like £1.50 a book, so what could go wrong?!

Did Someone Say September?

[Blouse: Matalan | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Tights: John Lewis | Boots: Zara (similar)]
~ Did Someone Say September? ~
YAY ITS OFFICIALLY AUTUMN. I honestly think this is my favourite season, without trying to sound ~too~ common white girl but its just great. The leaves go brown, its officially acceptable to wear boots, scarves and jumpers, plus the weather is never too bad.. its even is sunny for a little time in September. This month is my birthday month, which means come the 18th I'll be in my twenties, now that's a stat I do not like the sound of, oh god I'm getting old! Oh well, to mark this exciting month and season ahead, I thought I'd dress in all the autumnal tones.. it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it!

Needing a Social Media Detox Every Once in a While

~ Needing a Social Media Detox Every Once in a While ~

Its a given, every once and a while its very much needed to take a step back from social media. Not scroll though endless photos of peoples amazing looking lives on Instagram or watch Kylie Jenner's collection of Balmain handbags on Snapchat. Sometimes, Its so much healthier for everyone to remove themselves, put your phone down and look at the world for what it is. I'm victim like many other of spending a little too much time on Social Media.. Twitter and Instagram being my fortress'. Some evenings all I do is continuously scroll through them, tweeting, liking photos etc.etc... having nothing to say I did that evening apart from be on my iPad. Surely that cannot be good can it, although in this day and age I think everyone falls victim for time to time..