BEAUTY: Nail Colour Collection at Next

~ Nail Colour Collection at Next ~

Right then, let's talk all things nail polish. I'm one of these girls who cannot go a few days with bare nails without having to paint them. My hands just look so ugly if there isn't some kind of colour on there! So, a few weeks ago when me and my mum took a leisurely stroll around are local Next (fyi, her entire wardrobe comes from there haha!) I noticed their makeup line seems to really be something to look at. I had a look at the lipsticks, swatched the blushers, then finally settling for a pack of four polishes.. each one as beautiful as the next. Not bad really to thing for four is cost me all of ten pounds and to top it off there was a little leaping bunny on the back, yay for cruelty-free!

In this Nude set are the colours Molten Gold which is a pearl effect gold, Ballet Shoe which is a glitter finish with gold flecks. Nudist Beach which is a gloss gel finish in a mauve, nude pink and Pearl Barley - a gloss gel effect light light pink/ cream. On the whole, out of the three finishes in this set, the pearl effect is the longest wearing. I'd say I got a good 4/5 days wear without them chipping too drastically, plus the gold shade is like the ultimate A/W nail colours, so its definitely love!
The gloss gel finishes of the two shades in this set, they weren't as long lasting, although the mauve/pink shade lasted a little longer - I think due to that fact it was very suitable when it does chip.
Finally, the glitter polish - now this I don't rate much. I have only tried it on its own, with two coats and it seemed to peel so easily. Perhaps it would work best over a colours as a glitter top coat - that I haven't tried and definitely will. Overall, the brush is a decent size which makes for an easily application and you get a large amount for such a generous price.

I have to say, I really am very happy with these polishes and feel I'll be chopping and changing them for the next few months.. all I need now is a dark berry red shade and my A/W nail collection is near enough complete... of course, any suggestion would be gladly taken!



  1. Ooh I've never tried Next beauty?! Might have to give it a go, I really like the packaging, it's super cute <3 xxx

    1. Www you really should, its so not expensive at all - definitely worth it! xxx

  2. I love the packaging of these! Also the colours are so nice
    Kathy x