Did Someone Say September?

[Blouse: Matalan | Skirt: Zara (similar) | Tights: John Lewis | Boots: Zara (similar)]

~ Did Someone Say September? ~
YAY ITS OFFICIALLY AUTUMN. I honestly think this is my favourite season, without trying to sound ~too~ common white girl but its just great. The leaves go brown, its officially acceptable to wear boots, scarves and jumpers, plus the weather is never too bad.. its even is sunny for a little time in September. This month is my birthday month, which means come the 18th I'll be in my twenties, now that's a stat I do not like the sound of, oh god I'm getting old! Oh well, to mark this exciting month and season ahead, I thought I'd dress in all the autumnal tones.. it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it!

Apart from the shirt, everything else in this outfit has been seen before. The skirt was a Zara number (WOW. BIG SHOCK haha) from last year. It looks absolutely lovely in summer, but there's just something I love that bit more about denim skirts and tights in autumn. The boots too, they are worn on and off all year round from me, but I love them a bit more in the cooler months.
The blouse/ shirt on the other hand, Its a new buy and screams autumn.. its the brick colour and corduroy definitely! Interestingly it was Matalan I discovered this gem, sometimes I'm so quick to knock the cheaper brands but they do come up with some gems every once in a while, plus it didn't break the bank, brilliant situation!
I hope everyone else is as excited as me for Autumn!


  1. Soooo excited for Autumn!! (If you didn't know already lol) Love love love the Autumn outfit / blog theme, it's so pretty!! Xxx

  2. I wish it was Autumn here in NZ! I loved being able to wear all black and not feel out of place haha
    Kathy x

    1. Ah no way, its spring for you now then isn't it! Hahaha I do love summery clothes but cosy dark clothes are a little bit better! x