[Dress: Oasis | Top: Next (similar) | Shoes: Next]
 As previously mentioned in my 'Autumn Toned Wishlist', I've had this suedette pinafore in my mind for a while, just look at it, it just screams autumn. Its definitely the colour.. or the fact it suede.. or maybe the fit; hmm its just the whole dress it think! Talking of suede, as I unpackaged this from the brightly coloured Oasis packaging, my ever practical mother said, not 'oh that's a lovely dress!' but 'www you'll have to remember when you iron it, iron it inside out!' HAHA I never want to be middle aged!

 Anyway, here's yet another new addition to my wardrobe, I see a spending ban coming on because I most definitely have bought a little too much lately! But  (there is a but) this little number actually was purchased with a discount, originally £46, with my NUS student card I got 10% off - so all is not lost!
I've officially decided that suede is my new favourite material, although generally quite heavy, this dress does feel incredibly light. I'll admit, after wearing it all day, I did get quite annoyed having to constantly pick up the straps (they fell down my shoulder one too many times!!).
I paired this with a cream bandeau top from Next as it fitted quite nice with the look!

So here we are, this weeks little #ootd - an autumn look with the bare legs on show for just one more week, a lovely chic dress I've definitely fallen for - even if my mum did describe it as looking like something a 'Hungarian folk dancer' would wear (I kid you not my mum says the stupidest things, I actually can't make it up hahaha!)


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