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The Book List #7 | The Thirty List

Yay, another book finished - I love this feeling, I've actually achieved something this month already!
Anyway, let me tell you about a little treasure I found at one of the cheapest places to find books; The Works.. you know, the cheap British High street shop you can find anything from paint brushes, to children's toys to wooden easels and lots and lots of books. No matter how often you step inside, they will forever have a three for two offer on books, so when shopping a few months back, it thought I'd buy one or two. This one was among two others were I picked it up quickly, briefly read the back and thought I'd give it ago, besides one of the offers worked out at something like £1.50 a book, so what could go wrong?!

Overall, I absolutely loved this book. I know I can be one to exaggerate but it seriously was so uplifting and although a kinda love story in theory, it was kind hearted and genuine. Although I love any book or film with an inkling of romance, I loved this more for it being realistic and the least soppy. Its about a women who has just turn thirty, who's life has taken a bit of an unfortunate turn - she's broke, just spilt from her husband and looking for somewhere to live, were she subsequently moves into a house with a man who has a spare room. As she's newly split up, her friends decide she needs to create a list of 10 activities to combat the post-spilt slump - hence the title.
In essence the story has two main plots; the first being her trying her best to complete tasks such as skydiving and dance classes, but most prominently her striking a lovely friendship with the man who's house she's living in. Its such a heart warming book because its so real, with no frills and spills. Its simply following a thirty years journey of trying to get her life back together.
If you're looking for a light-read were you are guaranteed to smile once it's finished, its the one for you. There's humour, sadness as well as a very cute ending.. a strong 9.5/10 if I were to rank it - hands down my most favourite book this year for sure!



  1. Sounds like a really cute book, I'll have to pick one up soon, especially with that price! I tend to find the best books that i've read are the ones that are really cheap haha~ Great post!
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

    1. Its so cute, I loved it! Its always great when a good book was cheap haha x

  2. Sounds like such a good book, I definitely want to get back into reading
    Kathy x

  3. This sounds like a book I would love, thanks for the recommendation xx

    1. No problem - glad to give the recommendation, I enjoyed it so much! xx