Eighteen by Lisa Gibson

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Its been officially six days since turning twenty and I'm still in denial I'm that old, like seriously, I'm in my twenties WHAT. I would have gotten this post up a lot sooner but my wifi router at home decided to break and so I've gone nearly a week without Internet (I'm currently in my auntie and uncles house writing this post!) BLOODY BT - for reference we aren't getting it fixed until Monday which is just bloody divine isn't it!!!!! Oh what a first world problem to have hahaha 

Anyway my Birthday...

On Sunday, the 18th was ma b-day and I turned the big 2-0 *only two more years and I can sing that taylor swift song woo* and me and my mum decided to go on a luxury spa day.. What better thing to do on your birthday then wear not a scrap of makeup and lounge about a pool, oh and receive the mother of all facials BLISS. I have had birthdays in the past were I've had loads of friends, loads of my family and had big celebrations (by that I mean hiring a bouncy castle in the local leisure centre HA) but to just spend quality time with my mum was just what I needed this year, no frill or spills - just me and her laughing, chatting and eating too much at lunchtime, absolutely lovely.

For my actually birthday I had some little cute present off my mum; the H & M bag from my Autumn Toned WishList (result!) and a lovely knitted jumper (I'll hopefully take some #ootd photos in it this weekend!)  Also, some other little bits, like the ever practical socks and 4 bottles of rosé - I'm really not complaining! - Anyway, thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday,  I really had a low-key but lovely day (oh god next year is the big birthday AAH!) 



  1. Haha, 2 years until you sing that Taylor Swift song-loved that! I am so glad you had a great time! I feel as a person grows older (you aren't thatttt old) the excitement for birthdays dies a little.


  2. Aww this looks so lovely! Love love love the spa, facials are just the best aren't they?! Hope you had a fabulous day, my darling <3 xxx

    1. It really was so nice, most relaxing day ever! - Thank you so much, you!! xxx