What I ♡ This Week

~What I ♡ This Week ~
Ah a little favourites post, I thought I'd share a few bits and bobs I've loved this week - why not, eh?
With it being my birthday last week, I seem to have acuminated a few lovely items, so being the ever over-sharer I am, thought I'd give you look! Here I have some snazzy new nails (and trying acrylics for the first time!), some dainty earrings with a lovely meaning, a candle to remind me how to spell my name and some other little things that have put a smile on my face... September has always been my favourite month..!

NAILS | As I said, it was my birthday on the 18th, so obviously I could have a birthday weekend with rubbish nails - so a trip to the beautician had to be on the cards. I've never actually tried acrylic nails before, always opting for just shellacs because I've always had strong enough nails to not need them. But to be honest I fancied a change! They had been a bit of a pain in the arse for the first few days, but I've soon got used to them and honestly love the heart shape tips - loooooove!
EARRINGS | Having never heard of Daisy London, I can honestly say, I love this new discovery. My best friend got me these delicate sterling silver earrings as a present, with a little message behind them of 'Good Karma' (because I've been a little sad lately). These look so cute on and they definitely will be worn a lot on a daily basis, I'm not one for big flashy earrings, so little dainty earrings are worn a lot.
CANDLE | If you don't know me, then you must know I'm a candle lover, a big candle lover. For my birthday, my mum got me these alphabet candles from Next. Although I've only showed the 'L' candle, but she actually got me four that spell my name. I have to say, I'm one of those people that has always bought crap that has my name on it, so I absolutely love the four candles I have that spell 'LISA' - besides, if I ever forget my name, I can just take a glance at the bright candles to remind me HAHA.
COLDER WEATHER | What more can I say, I'm not the biggest fan of warm weather, so to see it windy and not 30 degrees is actually brilliant. Bring on the thick jumpers and boots I say - I can't bloody wait! 
#BLOGGERBESTIE | I had to give Lily (from the fabulous blog: Lily Olivia) a mention in this favourites post because quite frankly she is my bloody favourite! Whether its moidering about this and that on twitter or genuinely give each other life advice, I always feel like she's there for me - I'm not trying to be #cheesy or anything (that's a lie I totally am haha) but she's honestly the best blogger friend ever *inserts the sassy girl emoji*!


  1. I love that candle it's so adorable! I get excited over anything personalized to be honest, and a personalized candle definitely wins! Your nails are gorgeous too! You've reminded me that I really need to get mine done soon! xx


    1. haha yay glad someone else is with me, I bloody love anything personalised! Ah thank you, I'm so glad I managed to shoot these photos when I did, because one of my acrylics has actually come off now - so annoying! Thank you! xox

  2. I wish it was colder weather here in NZ, I love cold weather!
    Kathy x