Taking Time Out

~Taking Time Out... ~
 We all have those moments in life were everything becomes a little overwhelming, were your brain feels like its forever buzzing and you just want 5 minutes to just sit down and relax a little. I'm one of those people who struggles to find an in-between, when my life is hectic I crave for a day of full of relaxation.. but when my life is less then rock'n'roll all I want it some excitement - this whole 'adult life' thing is a work in progress at the moment! - But anyway, lets talk about those times when you do gladly get that day in the house to unwind, how to make the most of chilling out and even what I do when my head is buzzing with a million and one things to.. here's my little tricks.

A Gratitude List for October

~ A Gratitude List for October ~
I've seen quite a few of these lists lately, explain everything you've been grateful for from the past week/ month/ year and quite frankly I love them. They make you feel warm inside and make you realise life isn't all that shit... even if it does feel like it sometimes. I thought, since my life has been a bit hectic lately I though it'd be worthwhile to write down everything I am grateful for in a little list.. so here goes..

Baby, You're So Classic

[Top: Hobbs | Skirt: Boohoo (v old) | Tights: Next | Shoes: Asos | Scarf: Hobbs]

~ Baby You're So Classic ~
So here's a little outfit post, it seems a while since one of these has popped up on Blog Eighteen.. its only probably been over a week haha, well I'm back with another. This is a mix of the old and the new; the scarf and top being very new, with the shoes making an appearance last time out and the skirt being an very old gem in my wardrobe. The main items to show you all this week is the scarf and top, they are the result of having no control in Hobbs whilst in Harrogate last week! Scarfs are essential for wintery Britain so that'll get it uses and well, a burgundy top?! - IT HAS AUTUMN WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

Snippets of Last Weekend | Sheffield & Harrogate

 ~ Harrogate & Sheffield ~
So despite it being 1 whole week since these photos were taken I thought I'd share a few snippets from last weekend. Me and my aunite went for few days to Sheffield and then onto Harrogate - in the North of England, so about a three ish hours drive from out little village on Anglesey. It was an absolutely lovely few days with my auntie loving every minute. She 78 and my grandma's sister so having time just me and her was lovely. Whilst there we visited aaaall the shopping, Betty's Tearooms in Harrogate (pictured above) and did some general wandering/ eating too much. Weekends like this really do put a smile on my face!

New on The Shelf..

~ Newbies ~
So, I've been a bit spendy recently. I have to admit, its 100% down to the fact I've been to 3 cities in the last two and a half weeks - a combination of 2 open days and a trip to Harrogate (< post about this coming soon!) have resulted in my bank balance sadly declining... weeeell, these open days only last till like 3pm and when your train doesn't leave for another three hours... shopping has to be done!
I'll mainly put it down to Space NK.. or the fact I was in Covent Garden.. or the fact I was kinda on 'holiday' - OR the truth being I have no control when I go shopping! I live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, so nice shops to visit are bleak; so when I'm in a big city with amazing shops, little Lisa over here gets a bit hyped up.. its only natural isn't it?! 

My Little Jewellery Box

~ My Little Jewellery Box.. ~
 We all have those pieces of jewellery we treasure, whether this be a pair of earring handed to you by someone special; mum, best friend, family member. We all have those pair of earrings that are just bit of novelty, worn on those casual days, worn on the days not be taken seriously. You may even have just bought a pair and know its love, seen once on the shelf in store and just knew they had to be yours forever.. well this is my story, these are pieces that can be found in my jewellery box, safely stored for those casual or fancy evenings. Earrings are my favourite type, never one for a necklace, but earrings you can be sure I will always done - whatever the type...

Leopards & Pink Flamingos

[Jumper: George of Asda | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS]
~ Leopards & Pink Flamingos ~
As soon as the clock ticks over and autumn sets in, it takes me all the will in the world not to buy every single knitted jumper on the market.  I obviously have several sitting pretty in my wardrobe already, last years splurge of warm knits could very much have another few wears this time around, but there is just something so special about a new knitted jumper. Wrapping up warm, stretching it so to cover your cold hands, you must all know the picture I'm trying to paint, its really is magical...

This Autumn's Accompaniments

[Trench: Hobbs | Scarf: Burberry | Bag: H & M | Boots: Zara]

~ This Autumn's Accompaniments ~ 

With the official autumn change over now in full swing, all the warm accessories are out. Packed away are the wooden sunglasses and out comes the red check scarf. Gone are all the light jackets and out comes the thick lined coats... OH and aaaaaall the reds and burgundy's.
Last weekends outfit featured my new H&M bag - as seen in my 'Autumn Toned Wish List' (wow, that's two items I've bought off it, this never happens!) The bag is a little smaller from my usually everyday sack that has everything imaginable in it, this will definitely become my new weekend bag, its small enough for the essentials, but wouldn't last for me everyday, I simply throw so much in my bag - this would bust open...!

The Start of One BUSY Month

~The Start of One BUSY Month ~
So as we speak I'm in a state of consent panic, well ok that's being slightly dramatic, but the following month of October is an extremely busy month for me. We're only on the 5th day and I've already been to the University of Manchester Open day, staying overnight, been out for food twice straight from 9am - 5pm days at work and frantically finishing coursework (only to be given a pile more) - This I may point out now, is going to be more of a therapy blog post for me, because in my head I have SO much planned/ to do that I just need to write everything down in hope it soothes me and makes me realise its a good thing I'm busy! 

Three Cosy Night Warmers

~Three Cosy Night Warmers ~
Ah those Autumn nights in, ever night now its seems to be getting darker and darker, earlier and earlier. For me, I think I get more excited every evening, because really is there anything better then cosy nights in, drinking a warm drink?! - To be honest, its here I kind of falter a bit though, because (wait for it..) I don't like hot chocolates O.M.G. I know, I know I do apologies but as I'm one of those strange human beings, so I have to find other ways to satisfy my need for a warm drink... Here I have a little homemade drink that's a taste sensation if I do say so myself and two fruit/herbal teas that really warm you up..