Baby, You're So Classic

[Top: Hobbs | Skirt: Boohoo (v old) | Tights: Next | Shoes: Asos | Scarf: Hobbs]

~ Baby You're So Classic ~
So here's a little outfit post, it seems a while since one of these has popped up on Blog Eighteen.. its only probably been over a week haha, well I'm back with another. This is a mix of the old and the new; the scarf and top being very new, with the shoes making an appearance last time out and the skirt being an very old gem in my wardrobe. The main items to show you all this week is the scarf and top, they are the result of having no control in Hobbs whilst in Harrogate last week! Scarfs are essential for wintery Britain so that'll get it uses and well, a burgundy top?! - IT HAS AUTUMN WRITTEN ALL OVER IT.

It seems leopard print is making a comeback of late and I've been subconsciously falling for the hype. The shoes and scarf seem to match perfectly but to make sure I'm not clash patterns too much, I've worn all plain top and skirt. I wore this outfit on Sunday and made sure not to leave the house with my Lulu Guinness bag that you've obviously seen before (its only made about 5,000 appearances on this blog!) as pattern on pattern on pattern, isn't that good a look, especially when each pattern is extremely similar. So, I stuck to just the two patterned items and feel I got away with it!

I love the whole skirt and tights look in the colder months, so my to-do list for the duration on this year is to buy more skirts - I seem to have outworn most of mine so a few additions would be greatly accepted; do leave me any suggestion for nice places to buy skirts because I tend to always go back to same shop - any suggestions would be handy!



  1. Ahh these pictures are so gorgeous!! You look fabulous, I'm obsessed with that colour at the minute, burgundy is just the epitome of autumnal isn't it?! Great post as always lovely xxx

    1. Aw well thank you Lily, *virtual hugs*!! - Omg I know burgundy is like IT for autumn yeah, love love love! xxx