My Little Jewellery Box

~ My Little Jewellery Box.. ~
 We all have those pieces of jewellery we treasure, whether this be a pair of earring handed to you by someone special; mum, best friend, family member. We all have those pair of earrings that are just bit of novelty, worn on those casual days, worn on the days not be taken seriously. You may even have just bought a pair and know its love, seen once on the shelf in store and just knew they had to be yours forever.. well this is my story, these are pieces that can be found in my jewellery box, safely stored for those casual or fancy evenings. Earrings are my favourite type, never one for a necklace, but earrings you can be sure I will always done - whatever the type...

The three pairs I do treasure are the new, the fairly new and the very old.. but earrings never really lose their value, do they?! (even if some do sadly tarnish after a while!) The new pair in my life were bought only recently (link here), Marks and Spencer really have upped their game this year. For a girl who never really can pull off dangly earrings, these I will make sure I put the effort in. As seen in the photo below, the combination of gold, diamante and pearl really makes for a fabulous earring - with party season fast approaching, these will be out of the jewellery box more than in.
 Next is the Novelty earring, we all have them but more wear them than others. I'll admit I'm still a kid at heart, so wearing bunny rabbits on my ears is something I do more than I should.. weeell age is just a number, right?! I bought these some years ago from River Island if I'm remembering right and to be honest I think they're so cute, they don't look too ridiculous do they, nooooo!

Finally, of the three pairs I've choice to write about, the heart shaped earrings are my most loved. My best friend bought them for me for my birthday this year and they came with the loveliest of messages - they symbolise Good Karma and came with a little card that read 'Hope is the light that guides the way when all around seem dark, May the open heart remind you to save space within yourself for hope' As she knew I've been having a little bit of a rough time in my job recently, as cheesy as it sounds, these earrings do bring a smile to my face because I both think of the message and my best friend.. that's a pretty lovely thing isn't it. 

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