New on The Shelf..

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So, I've been a bit spendy recently. I have to admit, its 100% down to the fact I've been to 3 cities in the last two and a half weeks - a combination of 2 open days and a trip to Harrogate (< post about this coming soon!) have resulted in my bank balance sadly declining... weeeell, these open days only last till like 3pm and when your train doesn't leave for another three hours... shopping has to be done!
I'll mainly put it down to Space NK.. or the fact I was in Covent Garden.. or the fact I was kinda on 'holiday' - OR the truth being I have no control when I go shopping! I live in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in North Wales, so nice shops to visit are bleak; so when I'm in a big city with amazing shops, little Lisa over here gets a bit hyped up.. its only natural isn't it?! 

All four of these items were things I could live without, things I really didn't need - but where's the fun in life with an attitude like that. The four items in my basket are all cruelty-free (well minus the earrings obvs) which just goes to show that some of the most beautiful makeup products are all ethical too.. bonus!

Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury | Now this is a product I really did not need at all but the powers of both blogging and Instagram made my intrigue finally give way and I caved. I was in the Covent Garden store and the place itself made me cry and its beauty, so when I saw the foundation.. its was heart eyes all round. I've worn this a few times now since buying it and it literally is so good. I'm not actually a girl to wear a lot of make up daily, but this full coverage foundation will definitely be used for those weekends I really want to make an effort!

Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass | As I'd bought the Foundation a couple of days previous, in London, when I went to Space NK, Harrogate I thought 'well I have a nice foundation I need a nice primer for underneath!'.. obviously. I actually asked the women in the shop what primer she suggested and this little tube was tested on me. It literally feels like I'm gliding velvet on my cheeks its so good. I haven't combined both primer and foundation yet, but I'm sure it will the DREAM.

Ambre Candle by Diptyque | Now this is something I've wanted for a long long time - isn't a Diptyque candle like thee most blog-worthy item ever, perhaps on the same level as marble and lush - LOVE. IT. I'm absolutely crap at describing scents so I either suggest you go into a Space NK and smell this candle or just gamble and buy it because you will not be disappointed.. its just OMG LOOK AT IT!!!

Gold Earrings from Marks and Spencer | Finally, absolutely beautiful earrings from Marks and Spencer's.. that place is just the dream this time of year isn't it. With this pair, they're a lot different to what I own because half of the earring goes behind the ear, so to just show the oval strip of diamantes underneath the lobe.. with this ridiculous/ no sense description of those earrings, lets just say I'm in love with them and there were many many more earrings on the shelf there I could have taken home.. so dreamy!



  1. Ahh I love everything!! So jealous of your candle, I really want to invest in one but we're not allowed candles at uni *cries*. The foundation looks amazing, Charlotte Tilbury is the best isn't it! <3 xxx

    1. Omg how can they not allow candles at uni, DISGRACEFUL hahahaha. - oh I love Charlotte Tilbury, the bottle alone is beautiful! xxx