Taking Time Out

~Taking Time Out... ~
 We all have those moments in life were everything becomes a little overwhelming, were your brain feels like its forever buzzing and you just want 5 minutes to just sit down and relax a little. I'm one of those people who struggles to find an in-between, when my life is hectic I crave for a day of full of relaxation.. but when my life is less then rock'n'roll all I want it some excitement - this whole 'adult life' thing is a work in progress at the moment! - But anyway, lets talk about those times when you do gladly get that day in the house to unwind, how to make the most of chilling out and even what I do when my head is buzzing with a million and one things to.. here's my little tricks.
1. When my head is full of mental lists and things I need to do but have no idea where to start I make lists, lots of lists. I have a little pink diary that I literally write my whole life in. I feel like if you literally write everything your thinking out on paper, in a sense you can forget everything, because its all written in from of you.. this may sound trivial but seriously just write everything.

2. I find if I need to switch my brain of for 10 minutes, giving myself a little home manicure really helps. As I'm frankly quite shit when it comes to painting my nails, when I'm ~attempting~ to paint them, I'm so concentrated on painting my nails beds and not around my fingers, I forget whatever I'm thinking about.. who thought beauty could actually be so therapeutic?!

3. On a weekend, I  like to try and step away from the social media accounts for some part of the day, because I can fall victim to staying on it for hours on end (which is never healthy!) I live well in the countryside, so going for a walk in the forests/ country paths is extremely accessible. Walking along the beach, in the forests, saying hello to everyone that passes; you can't help but thing 'life isn't all that bad!' .. Plus, when you come indoors with refreshed/ flushed skin, that feeling of applying face cream never feels better!

~ Apart from that, just putting my dressing gown on solves everything - you must all have seen those tweets on twitter were there like 'feeling ill? put your dressing gown on, just been stabbed? put your dressing gown on' this is literally me, they are made of magic I tell you!



  1. I definitely agree with the fact that writing everything down helps A LOT - sometimes when there's too much going on at once it makes me feel like there's a big cloud inside my head making everything seem a bit blurry but when I write things down for example in form of to-do lists it's like I can see things more clearly again (I hope that just made sense haha) x


    1. What you've said really does make sense, my head 100% feels so much clearer if I write everything down - the cloud does definitely clear! Xxx