The Start of One BUSY Month

~The Start of One BUSY Month ~
So as we speak I'm in a state of consent panic, well ok that's being slightly dramatic, but the following month of October is an extremely busy month for me. We're only on the 5th day and I've already been to the University of Manchester Open day, staying overnight, been out for food twice straight from 9am - 5pm days at work and frantically finishing coursework (only to be given a pile more) - This I may point out now, is going to be more of a therapy blog post for me, because in my head I have SO much planned/ to do that I just need to write everything down in hope it soothes me and makes me realise its a good thing I'm busy! 

So here's the following month for me, I have two more University open days to attend; both meaning I have overnight stays in hotels because of their distance. These being University of the Creative arts in Epsom and The University of Northampton. These are both extremely exciting and so far the Manchester open day has been so informative. I really am not trying to get my hopes up for University because I want to go so badly that if I didn't get in anywhere I'd be devastated - but you heard it here first, I'm applying and bloody cross everything I get in!.. Oh yeah, that's another thing on my list - applying for University!
Another thing on the agenda is giving blood, its something I'm absolutely terrified to do but is such a great gesture that I'd be stupid not to. Needles may scare me but donating blood will save someone life out there! - A week following this, I'm off for a weekend in Harrogate with my auntie. This in theory will be very relaxing and hopefully not too stressful, but yano travelling 3+ hours would make anyone tried so I'm already yawning!
Finally, I'm hopefully planning to do Blogmas this year which means a lot of planning and scheduling. As I work full time 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, it means all of it will need to be done on weekends - especially with it going dark at 5pm. SO, weekends will start to need to include December posts very soon in order to picture as much as I can before Blogmas starts!
So, there we go I now have it in writing, a full justification (for myself) if I go a bit M.I.A on the ol' blogosphere. I do hope all my busy-ness does not effect my blog, but if its does I apologies.. So here's to the starts of a busy month for me, I feel like I'll spend the majority of November sleeping at this rate!!


  1. Ahh I'm so excited for you! You've got such a busy month but it's all amazing things - especially the uni open days! You must let me know how you get on at them all lovely <3 xxx

    1. Ah thank you! I will most definitely keep you updated on how they go, so exciting just a bit exhausting at the same time haha, can't complain though!! :D xxx