This Autumn's Accompaniments

[Trench: Hobbs | Scarf: Burberry | Bag: H & M | Boots: Zara]

~ This Autumn's Accompaniments ~ 

With the official autumn change over now in full swing, all the warm accessories are out. Packed away are the wooden sunglasses and out comes the red check scarf. Gone are all the light jackets and out comes the thick lined coats... OH and aaaaaall the reds and burgundy's.
Last weekends outfit featured my new H&M bag - as seen in my 'Autumn Toned Wish List' (wow, that's two items I've bought off it, this never happens!) The bag is a little smaller from my usually everyday sack that has everything imaginable in it, this will definitely become my new weekend bag, its small enough for the essentials, but wouldn't last for me everyday, I simply throw so much in my bag - this would bust open...!

So aside from the bag, back has come the Burberry scarf. yes. If you read my blog at all last year you will know I basically wore this at every single opportunity I could! It did (I will admit) cost and absolute fortune and I know some people would feel uncomfortable spend so much on a scarf. But there we go, Its my absolute favourite and I love it death. I tend to always sway towards red in these coming months, I'm aaall about the Christmas colours so my outfit is always planned around the scarf - it has to be done!
Aside from this, the general autumn accompaniment (well all year round really!) is the berry or red lip - you just cannot go wrong can you. I seem to own too many lipsticks to even mention an absolute favourite but any matte red/ berry toned lipstick is always either in my bag, on my desk or about 1m away from me. God, and some people call me a typical girl, I can't see the connection can you?!? hahaha
Do you have any essential autumn accompaniments for these coming months???


  1. So great autumn look!Your lipstick and scarf are so nice togeher!