A Day of Bliss @ Silver Bay, Rhoscolyn

~.. Spa Days Are Great Aren't They?! ~
When you describe bliss, what do you think about? Drinking cocktails on a sandy beach in the Bahamas... Curling up on the sofa in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate.. WELL what about a Friday off work at a beautiful Christmas Spa Event with your Best Friend?! ... YES, last Friday I was so SO kindly asked along to Silver Bay, a Holiday Village and Spa right here on Anglesey. With it being only a short 30 minute drive away and with me gloriously having the Friday off I couldn't really say no to Spa Beauty Event right on my door step, could I...?!!!

Its Getting COLD Out There.

[Coat: Marks and Spencer | Scarf: Burberry | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: ASOS]
~Its Getting COLD Out There.. ~
... Not to be that person, but f**k it really has got cold out there - autumn why you disappear so quickly?! In true spirit of winter I bought a new coat, some say its practical, some say its just another excuse for me to spend my money on yet more clothes (the former being my excuse, the latter my mums; we'll agree to disagree on that one!) Anyway, as it truly is *what feels like* minus 50 outside this beautiful red coat has truly had its wear already. Its a Marks and Spencer number but not from the shop itself, but from a second-hand shop. Its a shop that's down the road from my work and every evening last week I was eyeing up this red coat in the shop window, safe to say I soon could not wait in fear the coat would be sold.. I'm now its proud owner and could not be happier.. I feel like a mix of little red riding hood and Mrs Clause, which at this time of year is not a bad things at all!

Lisa Attempts.. A Rhubarb Buckle

~ Attempting to bake a Rhubarb Buckle ~
 I'll 100% admit I'm no Nigella in the kitchen (to be honest I'm barely GCSE standard but I'm working on it!) Baking or even cooking has never been a strong point of mine, but every now and again I fancy actually making something. So, low and behold, I attempted this whole 'baking a cake' malarkey AND IT DIDN'T GO TOO WRONG EITHER! I attempted a 'Rhubarb Buckle', following a step-by-step recipe from the BBC Good Food website and (if you scroll down to the bottom of this post) you can see that it may have turned out to look like the most disgusting cake ever made - but it really tasted quite nice.. don't judge a book as they say... 

Planning for the Party Season..

[Top: Zara (similar) | Trousers: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Olive]
~ Planning for the Party Season.. ~
Without jumping on the seasonal bandwagon, it can't be denied - party season is just around the corner. As mentioned in my previous post, I'm planning on a putting on my fanciest dress for *my* Christmas party this year, but I'm sure in the coming weeks some kind of event will crop up were I need to dress up a ~little~ fancier than the typical casuals I usually sport in winter! (if not I'll make my friend come out for food with me hahaha) Anyway, in an attempt to try organise my life a little I put an outfit together which, I'll admit, had no significance on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I took these photos, but I know can be added to the list of 'potential outfits for an evening when I have nothing to wear' .. surely I'm not the only girl to own this kinda list no, surely?!!? 

Yes To The (Red) Dress Wish List

[Top Left : ASOS | Top Right: Topshop | Bottom Left: Self Portrait | Bottom Right: Zara]
Since its the turn of the month and now the official countdown to Christmas, WHY NOT DO A CHRISTMAS PARTY DRESS WISH LIST.. Ok ok I have to admit I'm not the type to get too excited for Christmas this early on, but I am the kind that likes to plan ahead. So let's discuss some pretty dresses shall we?! This year my work party is going to be on the 21st of Dec and since it's been confirm and booked now, I've been doing the odd bit of scrolling to find thee dress for this year. I've decided that it has to be either red or a deep red colour, I've completely fallen for the colour this season, so its definitely a must. I've found for dresses I'm debating, one of which is way too expensive, but yano we can all dream can't we?!..