A Day of Bliss @ Silver Bay, Rhoscolyn

~.. Spa Days Are Great Aren't They?! ~
When you describe bliss, what do you think about? Drinking cocktails on a sandy beach in the Bahamas... Curling up on the sofa in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate.. WELL what about a Friday off work at a beautiful Christmas Spa Event with your Best Friend?! ... YES, last Friday I was so SO kindly asked along to Silver Bay, a Holiday Village and Spa right here on Anglesey. With it being only a short 30 minute drive away and with me gloriously having the Friday off I couldn't really say no to Spa Beauty Event right on my door step, could I...?!!!

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I have to say, there are so many hidden treasures on Anglesey I've never known about and this being exactly one of them. Upon arrival through the Spas doors, you're instantly greeted with the sight of the huge swimming pool.. safe to say me and my friend's eyes lit up! We quickly were shown around and in a flash our bikinis were on and we very much took advantage of the pool, sauna and Jacuzzi (we actually both agreed we've never enjoyed the steam room as much hahaha) - As this was a beauty event, there were treatments going on all day, but unfortunately we had agreed to go too close to the event so everything was booked up.. everyone else who were having their treatments seemed very happy though!

My friend Leri's thoughts on our day..

"Everyone loves a good pamper and our day was just what the doctor ordered! Our stressful busy lives result to our NEED for relaxation and what a perfect place to calm ourselves down and put the world to right! The pool, jacuzzi and sauna were my absolute favourites and I couldn't have asked for a better way to relax and shut down the brain and just CHILL! The building itself was modern and cosy, which added to the perfect warm atmosphere which is key for a spa! Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to get any treatments but we made up for it by wasting hours around the main spa area. The only complaint I have is that there weren't any chairs by the main pool, we both felt that we needed somewhere to sit and dry off and relax after a swim and admire the pool and the architecture of the building! All in all I was extremely happy and what a better way to have a catch up with your best friend than in a bubbly jacuzzi! Bliss!"

Once we'd had our afternoon swimming and chatting, we had a lovely coffee and were on our way home. I have to say this was genuinely such a nice day out and was so surprised how LOVELY the whole Spa was. If anyone ever is on the Island and fancy's a little pamper.. Me (and my friend too!) would genuinely suggested a visit here.. Oh if only I could spend every Friday laying about in a Jacuzzi HAHA!


Silver Bay Holiday Village

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