Planning for the Party Season..

[Top: Zara (similar) | Trousers: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Olive]
~ Planning for the Party Season.. ~
Without jumping on the seasonal bandwagon, it can't be denied - party season is just around the corner. As mentioned in my previous post, I'm planning on a putting on my fanciest dress for *my* Christmas party this year, but I'm sure in the coming weeks some kind of event will crop up were I need to dress up a ~little~ fancier than the typical casuals I usually sport in winter! (if not I'll make my friend come out for food with me hahaha) Anyway, in an attempt to try organise my life a little I put an outfit together which, I'll admit, had no significance on a quiet Sunday afternoon when I took these photos, but I know can be added to the list of 'potential outfits for an evening when I have nothing to wear' .. surely I'm not the only girl to own this kinda list no, surely?!!? 

I'll start from the bottom and work my way up shall I?! You may have seen these shoes on my blog TOO many times now, but If I'm going to be dressing up fancy, please tell me what is more luxury than wearing shoes you paid waaay too much money for?! (gotta get my monies worth after all HA) - With them, I've put together some cigarette trousers and a Zara top that is a cherish item in my wardrobe. The trousers were actually bought in an attempt to jazz up my wardrobe slightly and I have to admit, that they do. They're in a green khaki colours and are seriously in THEE most comfy material (plus, if you are to wear them for dinner of sorts, the material is stretchy - more room for all da food) Finally, what better accessory than a cute little bag, my Olive one was bought a few months back and ok, it doesn't hold a lot but if I ever were to go out for food, I literally carry my phone, lipstick, a mirror and thee smallest purse... so it always fits my occasion!

Anyway, its nice to be back with another outfit post, I didn't get the chance last week - but here I am back again, being a mix awkward and vain all in one blog post; voilĂ !


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