A Christmas Carol | BLOGMAS DAY 5

~ A Christmas Carol ~

Let me ask you a simple question; what is thee most Christmassy activity to do.. Christmas carols in a church..? Yes, that's my idea of a great festive evening haha - I know I know mental aren't it?!?
Anyway, on Saturday I went along to a church not too far away from where I live with a friend from work and we had a lovely carol evening in aid of the Alzheimer's Society. A choir sang a whole host of Christmassy songs and there were a few readings by people who work for the charity as well as a sufferer doing a reading of a Christmas poem... Being the ever soppy person I am, I couldn't help but have a little tear in my eye! As Christmas is around the corner I'm all for Christmas carol services every weekend.. there's nothing better!



  1. This is so lovely! You're right, carols are so unbelievably festive aren't they?! xxx

    1. So so festive, I smiled all the way through it (and sung very badly haha!) xxx