A Festive Makeup Look | BLOGMAS DAY 13

~ A Festive Makeup Look ~

Before I start I do apologies for the jump that seems to be happening in these blog posts recently. A bit of a continuity problem suggests my hair colour is changing dramatically from day to day.. truth is I have tried to be incredibly organised in order to complete Blogmas, so I took these photos a fair few weeks ago.. before I dyed my hair the pinky colour it is now; forgive me!
Nevertheless, today I thought I would show you a little festive makeup look.. one I do tend to turn to in the Christmassy months. Yes, it is a bit simplistic and every common this time of year; but gold eyes and a red lip - what more do you need.. As I'm not ~thee~ best at makeup, I'll briefly talk you through what I do to achieve this 'look' ..

To start I must just say, not all the items I use are cruelty-free. As I've mentioned many times, I'm fazing out the products that aren't, so some items I use may still be. So again, forgive me!
For Eyes: I start off with using MAC 'Painterly' Paint Pot, usually putting on a thin base. I then follow with the gold eye shadow. Normally, its only the two shades out of the original Urban Decay palate I use - which are half baked (gold) and smog (golden brown). I usually have half baked all along the lid, with smog in the crease. Blended together it really has that festive look. I finish off my eyes with the Tom Ford eyeliner which is subliiiiime and some mascara.

For Skin:
At the moment I've been loving the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation, its quite a full coverage but really makes your skin look flawless. I don't tend to wear it everyday because I think it would play havoc with my skin. Under my eyes I switch up (depending how tired I am!) I either use Kevyn Aucoin concealer pot or Urban Decay naked skin concealer.

For Lips: To completely finish off this look, I tend to turn to Rimmels 107 lipstick, its a deep berry matte shade which is one of the most beautiful products and incredibly cheap. Unfortunately I have lost my 107 since shooting these photos which makes me cry a little but hey hooo, I have other red shades which will have to do!

And that's it! This usually takes me about 10/ 15 minutes and no, I never do the whole highlighting/ contouring - I just don't have the cheekbones!! So, here's my Christmas makeup everyone...!