Christmas Jumper Day | BLOGMAS DAY 16

~ Christmas Jumper Day 2016 ~
Hello, ello ello everyone, I'm back yet again with another post for you, albeit a rather short one today as I just wanted to share the fact its Christmas jumper day today and ~of course~ I've dug out my beloved jumper out and worn it for work today! To be honest I don't think there is a nice Christmas jumper on the market, no matter what colour or pattern, they all just have that slight feel of tacky.. well i'd call it festive but whatever!

With Christmas Jumper Day, from what i can remember its been an event for a fair few years now, I remember wearing one to school a couple a times in the past. As you probably know, its all in aid of Save The Children in order to raise money for child education in countries such as Nepal. Its such a simple idea but a seriously genius one!
For this post, as well as showing you my jumper - a Ted Baker one from 2 years ago btw - I thought I'd show you a handful of serious great/ hilarious/ borderline-naff jumpers I've seen, because If you haven't picked one up yet.. what are you waiting for...


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