Christmassy Instagram Update | BLOGMAS DAY 17

~ A Christmassy Instagram Update ~
Well well well, its been a long ol' while since I've done one of these Instagram update sorts. Instagram seems to be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, with its not-quite-as-good-as-snapchat 'stories' and the whole unfollow/follow malarkey seeming to be plaguing the whole app... I still love Insta but its seeming to be become less popular by the week..
Anyway, here's my latest offering; a mix of my Blogmas efforts and some Christmassy decorations - its all very cliché, but is it really such a crime? Here's some captions to illustrate my grid..

First Row | 'Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails | 'Oh How Preppy..' | 'A Festive Makeup Look'

Second Row | 'Fizz or No Fizz?' | 'Happy Mind Happy Life' | 'Oh Christmas Tree..'

Third | STYLE: The Coat Collection' | 'Snippets of My Day' | 'The Christmas Tag'

And that is it, my username's @LisaEighteen - leave your @'s if you like and I'll be sure to follow back!



  1. Your instagram looks so autumnal and the photos are so good! xx