Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails | BLOGMAS DAY 15

~ Festive Edition: On The Lips & Nails ~

Aaaah lipstick and nail varnish; the two things you'll never see me without. Yes, I can go 2 weeks with not a scrap of foundation, in my day-to-day life I barely bother with mascara (because why would you when you could have 10 minutes more in bed every morning?!), plus the whole filling in my eyebrows - mine are sparse enough so I leave that for weekend occasions only! BUT, when it comes to lipstick, you're more likely to see a pig fly (or Britain re-joining the EU.. LOL) than me stepping outside my front door without lipstick on. Nail varnish the same, I can never go a day or two without looking at my bare nails and just thinking.. ew. So, in keeping with this, I thought I'd show you what I've been wearing near enough everyday this month - an obvious dark berry/ purple lips..because what's more festive then that! and a combination of mauve and a glitter top coat.. you can't have too much glitter at Christmas time, can you?!

As I'm more then a qualified lipstick wearer by now, I've established what shades suit me and which reeeeally do not (brown just ain't the one on my face tbh!) - dark purple seems to work well. The Kate Moss range at Rimmel London is seriously been wore most days recently. I love matte shades, glossy just doesn't float my boat - because there's the whole gloss-getting-stuck-in-my-hair shiz and then it doesn't last two minutes when you're drinking/ eating all day; basically matte lipstick 4 lyf. The Kate range is seriously the best thing since Tyra walked for Victoria's Secret. They stay on the lips all day and serious beats any lipstick ranges that are 3 times the price. Plus, the colour range including this months fav, no. 30 is exceptional - 100% recommend, if you haven't yet tried any!
On my nails I've loved the combination of O.P.I's Staying Neutral and Next's Ballet Shoes (< love that name!) - The OPI nail polish is actually my mum's, so I've actually nab it from her this month. It's a mauve/ brown biscuit colour, which looks so nice even on its own but even nicer with the gold glitter top coat over it. I've made this combination last a good 4 days before now which is very impressive. It dry's quite solidly on the nails, like it feels its thick enough not to chip instantly, if that makes sense! Plus, the glitter is so festive, it dazzles so much in the light..!

Hope you enjoyed Day 15 everyone..!


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