Fizz or No Fizz? | BLOGMAS DAY 12

~ Fizz or No Fizz? ~

You know what I've discovered lately, I really love taking photos of drinks.. may sound weird, but this is my third (fourth?) post of this type and I love it.. (there's my 2017 resolution, do more posts like this!) ANYWAY, for todays post I thought I'd show you two extremely easy recipes for some festive tipples.. one alcoholic and one not. I've adapted them from the BBC Good Food website and removed/ added flavours I prefer most. They both are very similar, with one having a little more ingredients than the other, but all together there is nothing too complicated and really are great drinks for the Christmas period.. cheeeeeers!

1. Orange & Cranberry Spritz ~ Non-Alcoholic
[BBC Good Food Website]
Ingredients: Orange Juice | Cranberry Juice | Sparkling Elderflower

Now, this drink is extremely easy but tastes so good. All that is required, is to first pour in the orange juice and cranberry juice - then top off with the sparkling elderflower to give it that fizz. To be honest, I've never tried elderflower before, but when its mixed with the cranberry and orange, it gets rid of that bitterness and naturalises it, making it taste amazing.. well worth a try if you're short for time over Christmas.
 2. Mulled Pear & Cranberry Punch ~ Alcoholic
[BBC Good Food Website]

Pear Cider | Pear Juice | Cinnamon Sticks | Cranberry Juice | Dried Cranberries | Gin (optional)

Here is an alcoholic version (in a way) of the above, but with little more spice. Because there's the bitterness of the cranberry, the sweetness of the pear cider and the spice of the cinnamon stick - once its all combined in a pan and heated up; the taste is out of this world. Its honestly, so tasty and quite a comforting taste. In my version, I didn't add the Gin but it is an option if you want to create a party drink as such - cider was enough alcohol in the drink for me since it was yesterday afternoon I actually created this! (don't worry I waited till evening to drink it haha!)


What are your favourite drinks at Christmas time?


  1. omg your photos are literally goals af! Seriously these are so beautiful and the drinks sound pretty darn good as well!

    1. THANK YOUUUUU! I was actually suprised how well these turned out considering it was so cloudy when I was attempting to take them! - I had a bit of a Mariah Carey diva fit at one point but it all turned out ok hahaha xxx