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Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas | BLOGMAS DAY 19

~ Its Beginning To Look  A Lot Like Christmas ~

As I did last week, when I went on a little Christmassy outing to a nearby town for lunch, I thought I'd share some snaps from this weekends offerings. I had one great great day Saturday, one that I'd actually been looking forward to aaaall week. To start off, I had the luxury of being able to have a well overdue catch-up with one of my bestest and oldest friends. She's was home for Christmas from university, so we planned a morning of brunch, talking, talking and more talking.. it really was SO nice to see her again!

Straight from the café where we were at, we went our separate ways and I went and got my nails done. Although I haven't pictured them here, I got a festive French manicure - but with the tips being red, oh how Christmassy, eh?! I have my works Christmas party on Wednesday, so I now have freshly done nails ready for the festivities... oh how organised of me!

Finally, from there I visited a garden centre... of course I did haha! Here's where I managed to get a few snaps from. I went with my mum, grandma and auntie; we had a look around, had a coffee and generally soaked up all the Christmassy atmosphere.. Days like this I always love, because I spend my whole life it feels like, trying to be mature and grown up, so when days come along were you're the baby of the family - its so nice to have a day off hahaha!

So there we are, probably my last Christmas outing before the big day itself; I have work tomorrow and a half day Wednesday THEN I'M FINISHED FOR A FORTNIGHT - YAYYYY! So come Thursday, I have a cool 13ish days of relaxation.. ah now that will be a nice feeling!



  1. The photo of the tree is so nice! I love the colours. Sounds like you had an amazing time xx