Let's Have A Little Chat | BLOGMAS DAY 22

~ Let's Have A Little Chat.. ~ 

As we are nearing the end of this epic Blogmas journey, I thought it was about time now that I did a little re-cap post. Just a general, word-vomit-moider about how this month has gone and the Christmas plans that are almost upon us. I have to say, although I must have typed my disbelief many times by now, I'm so so shock I've managed to solidly produce a blog post for 21 days - that's something I've never managed before. It really puts in to perspective how far I can push myself as some weeks during this year, I have struggled to get 3 posts out a week - haha I can 100% put that down to laziness now can't I! Oh well, Its been a struggle sometimes but hey ho, I've proven to myself, amidst working full time and trying to have some kind of social life; blogging daily is possible.. *pats self on back*

But, although it does seem to look seamless, every morning at 8am, a new post has been there - juggling it all has been a little bit of a struggle sometimes. My brain has had to be extra extra organised, making sure 6 posts are all photographed before Monday, because with it being light for approximately 4 hours everyday, and this gal working the typical 9 -5; for pictures to look any kind of appropriate - the weekend it had to be! Overall, I've loved it but I am getting a bit sick of it now if I'm 100% telling the truth! I love blogging, but too much of something can make you hate it slightly, can't it haha! Once Blogmas is over I think I'll have a mini break and be back a fresh for the new year... sound like a good plan?!
Although there is still a couple of days left of Blogmas, I just want to say thank you to every one of you that's left a comment, had a little read or simply just thought 'www that's a nice picture!' .. I have loved it so much!!! Thank you everyoneeeeeeee!



  1. I hope you have a good break! I am feeling the same aha! Your pictures have been so good so taking them all at the weekend is definitely worth it xx

    1. Ah thank you I'm looking forward to chilling out a little to bit! Aw thank you, I've tired my best with my blog photos, so that's so nice for you to say! xx